Millet red rice continue to take the road of cost-effective

July 31st, millet company released a new machine – red rice phone, red rice phone positioning continues to continue its successful marketing philosophy – price. The claim that the positioning of the masses of users, the pursuit of experience, cost-effective mobile phone to a thousand dollars dual card dual standby attitude to continue to expand its target market.

there is a saying, do business, not light wine, light alley too, you still have to yell. Millet is relying on the "call" doing the market, when the advent of millet is relying on price in the walk, has also set up their own "fans", in the end mobile phone market positioning 2000 yuan let a person produce a reasonable price, quality, reasonable functional requirements needs reasonable impression.

yesterday launched the red rice mobile phone to make people aware of millet seems to have quietly to expand the target market, 800 yuan mobile phone, millet to the field to attack the low-end market, the author believes that this change millet or benefit. New red rice intended to other channels of the Internet (formerly Sina micro-blog, where the customer, this is the QQ space), on one hand, the information of mass communication, on the other hand is also a marketing platform of its own propaganda.

however, to enter the low-end market, the competition is actually very red rice. We can have some well-known brands such as: high, be too numerous to enumerate, medium and low three lines opened in two, HUAWEI, ZTE, low line low-end guides cool and so on. Millet at this time to enter the low-end market has a certain degree of difficulty.

in addition, we analysis the low-end market this to low-end price is higher than the general population, the basic value of the brand, so the millet in the end market to rivals with nightmare rivals into the lower end of the field, by virtue of its own technology and reputation, with low price, the low-end market is expected to open a door wall.

as long as you can continue to take the road of cost-effective, and does not completely abandon the concept of quality price ratio, red rice may be able to catch up with HUAWEI, ZTE and cool share in the low-end market in the near future.

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