WAL-MART launched a full year post service challenge Amazon membership fee is only half the opponent


technology news Beijing time on May 13th morning news, WAL-MART announced Thursday, will be the company’s ShippingPass three day delivery service to two days, to challenge Amazon Prime membership services.

WAL-MART initially launched ShippingPass is hoping to provide faster delivery than traditional courier service, but its speed is not as Amazon Prime. However, the advantage of ShippingPass is that the annual fee is lower – the service fee of $49, only half of the Amazon Prime $99 annual fee, but the actual delivery time is only one day later than Amazon Prime.

after this adjustment, the distribution of the two companies is quite, it can further highlight the price advantage of WAL-MART.

although Prime can also provide free music, books, television and movies and other benefits, but WAL-MART ShippingPass is in full development of distribution services, and did not provide additional services.

but WAL-MART said that the company’s services at lower prices and not because of lack of the benefits, but because the company has a unique order fulfillment network, including a massive new order fulfillment center, store, distribution center and transportation network.

WAL-MART’s service currently supports more than 1 million kinds of goods, including WAL-MART’s most frequently purchased products on the site. The total number of goods on the site is about 7 million, which indicates that WAL-MART will continue to expand the range of products ShippingPass support.

ShippingPass goods will be delivered to consumers within two days, and no minimum purchase price, but also support the free return.

WAL-MART has not disclosed any details about ShippingPass, including registered users, sales or profit margins, and its impact on Walmart.com revenue and profits.

ShippingPass has not yet been widely promoted, but interested users can take the initiative to apply for the pilot project, you can enter the waiting list. (Ding Hong)

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