Domain name is more than CEO to verify the embarrassment of the network to face the cottage version

in the winter on the Internet, when the domestic social networking site has been very busy recently. Through viral marketing to fame in the white-collar in the happy net, is still in the closed period had been Qianxiang a head-on blow, buy a happy net domain name more than a short, and cloned a very similar, was friends known as the "copycat version of" happy net. Spread of 1000 rubber group will start the acquisition of happy net matters, there is also news that the happy network will be looking for a new domain name to replace the existing domain name. In this regard, the domestic Internet famous expert Hu Gang said that this incident has fully proved the importance of the domain name, the domain name of the importance of foreign rumors than CEO statement on this incident has been verified.

"you are not happy is my happy" although Qianxiang Chen Yizhou did not win the support of the public, but a domain name is really the result of happy net survival of the passive crisis, this event is actually the domestic enterprises for a long time domain resources paid insufficient attention to the kinds of consequences. "The domain name can be said to be the site of Mingmen, you usually feel what it is, but once you take advantage of people become bane." Hu Gang said that many companies tend to only pay attention to the site architecture, business models, marketing, etc., but it does not seem to show the Mountain Dew but very critical domain name and planning for the lack of attention. In contrast, foreign enterprise domain consciousness is very strong, many enterprises will give priority to planning for the domain name strategy, is the so-called "An army marches on its stomach". As an Internet company, the industry generally puzzling is that the happy net has not been the case why the best domain name to promote, so that others were strangled in the domain.

at present, the domestic social (SNS) website competition is extremely tragic, from abroad Myspace, Facebook, I have to enter the Chinese market, such as the game, the intention of China’s most promising market share. And a very consistent phenomenon is that in the domain name strategy on these sites are enabled with the name of the enterprise directly match the domain name. Therefore, Hu Gang said that the domain name is the core of the enterprise network, a short and easy to remember domain name, make enterprise brand communication multiplier. If you can keep up with the footsteps of these foreign giants, quickly make a difference in the domain name on the site, and put into use, is expected to fight back against competitors and occupy the upper hand.

is said to be the first day of the cottage version of happy network IP has been over ten thousand, registered users are currently reaching thousands, the impact on the happy network and the subsequent threat can not be ignored. Soldiers to be blocked, the water to soil cover, in the face of domain errors very happy Qianxiang pain of cutting one’s body, face, low-key always happy net is also really happy, to see how it.

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