75 million network network sales hit a new record of liquor industry

919 fans in the carnival night fans crazy boost new music as ecological sales miracle! Data show that as of 919 22:00 that evening, LETV ecological sales exceeded 4 billion 220 million, exceeding the 4 billion sales target! Also announced that fans of 919 electricity supplier Festival extended 12 hours! Music as its important ecological network network to ecological value packs and billion the ultimate power of welfare hardware release until noon today, 12:00 network network during the 919 sales exceeded 75 million, a new record of professional wine industry suppliers



network network 919 black fans Festival sales report


as its first two independent landing capital markets subsidiary, has just completed the listing of three new board network network outbreak of ecological power in the 919 night: listed Hao send 300 million red fans mad and welfare, to create IP own quality brand Gloryt, Grote fire rose Naynay Madden battle, Han Hong soulful interpretation of "Grand track" the theme song, "grand track sent a customized version of wine" detonated fans expect global selection; Wine, wine, liquor and dairy products to buy more hardware naked price hits; enjoy premium package ecological wine fans exclusive benefits. Wine + Hao Li big run, break the ecological value as the ecological boundary, there is a large ecological

open up a fresh outlook Carnival!

Olympic champion PK star grand track custom wine hot back

preheating for half a month 919 fans carnival night is starry! "National goddess Lin Chiling, popular singer Hua Chenyu, Diving Queen Wu Minxia" Star team "and" the girl ", consisting of Fu Yuanhui, the high popularity of the" Ping-Pong three day mission, "Liu Guoliang Zhang Jike," the Olympic Games on behalf of Malone "the team staged a wonderful challenge. Strength to sing Han Hong wonderful interpretation of Guo Jingming film "grand track" theme song, network network site Hao sent "grand track" customized version of ecological wine, causing fans screaming constantly.


Han Hong interpretation of "grand track" theme song, Guo Jingming, William Chan debut


in the Olympic Games a series of expression package + sparkling discourse quickly became the primitive girl "Fu Yuanhui, after cubujifang to provoke the netizens happy nerve, in 919 fans carnival night night partner Jimmy Lin as the" fans "ambassadors" reproduction field force ", then take the LeSEE handsome appearance is more fans to send super welfare.

not only fun, good-looking, more good music let fans feast! Popular singer Hua Chenyu, Zhou Bichang, Li Yuchun, Lala Hsu, singer Jolin, William Chan passion concert, the scene instantly upgrade to an unprecedented visual feast of the


at the same time, the whole ecological sales data all the way up, the data show that as of 919 evening 22:00, music as a whole ecological sales exceeded $4 billion 220 million, ahead of the completion of 40>

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