Jingdong, a Tencent to Ali spoiler ten, tactical reminder


today, a friend asked me almost a question, the electricity supplier platform in addition to the upcoming double eleven price war, what are the differences in the way of competition?

this question wording, "double eleven" is Ali double eleven, Jingdong and Tencent are just in the spoiler "double eleven". But on this issue just talk about the "double eleven" some ideas.

network carnival is the core value of "double eleven"

double eleven positioning and promotion of traditional retailers at the end of the year there are some differences, the latter usually less discount, maintaining brand value, only the end of the big promotion will enhance customer satisfaction. The electricity supplier is the price war every day, double eleven is a misunderstanding of the ultimate price war. This process in addition to traditional enterprises to clear inventory, as well as the electricity supplier and consumers of the game, so the definition of a "double eleven" is really "put fine timber to petty use.".

double eleven is the value of the Internet to create online shopping carnival, carnival is the core value of double eleven. Eleven when I went to Beijing to see the lotus Stadium on the net in the game, in the form of so many fans feel very surprised. However, the limitations of the line of business is also here, such as a stadium can only tens of thousands of spectators, tens of thousands of seats and only one thousand the best location, this will certainly affect the user experience. The Internet has a natural Carnival attributes, tens of millions of people can be online at the same time, the pursuit of the same goal. This is the next line of marketing value-added marketing, in addition to the Olympic Games, the World Cup football such a super game, people want to gather up there is a gathering cost. The Internet gathering costs quite low. Online shopping carnival is a killer of Ali, a Tencent and Jingdong and the importance of logistics, a WeChat such social tools, but did not form a "double eleven" such a huge rally ability.

double eleven positioning dislocation is too concerned about the price of this point. Further, in order to double eleven, the electricity supplier to focus on stocking, in fact, caused a high inventory, the user experience is also due to the decline in the peak of the day shopping. This is a bit like our "collective travel" eleven holiday. Bai Yansong said that the removal of Chinese holiday weekends, holidays only 11 days per person per year. It is not difficult to understand why the eleven long trip is a disastrous experience. Double eleven focus on the same day there are similar problems. In order to do this a day of half off, users do not have to go to work? Even if the work shop and grab the desirable commodity? And why is the dual time point eleven, instead of Christmas? "Double eleven" time point selection reflects Taobao’s narcissism. Online shopping is not single, you know.

spell resources double eleven, Ali how to play


double eleven in the overall economic downturn. I think the electronic commerce is to enter a nouveau riche economy, which means not.

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