mports of cross-border electricity supplier from the wind down some of the tariff cuts

reporter Wang Rong

days ago, the State Council approved the pilot to reduce import tariffs on the part of consumer goods to carry out: since June 1st, tentative tax way to reduce import tariffs, skin care products, suit buskined, diapers and other products, the average fell more than 50%.

tax policy is the focus of cross-border electricity supplier imports game. Due to different tax policies, the different channels in the product pricing. Card Hang Seng analysts pointed out that the tariff reduction, will promote the products of the general trade import. It can be expected that the future is expected to further liberalization of tax policy, the import of cross-border electricity supplier will become the next outlet in the field of electricity providers.

analysts also pointed out that Ali, Jingdong and other business tycoon and listed companies have incoming, the import of cross-border electricity supplier competition has changed the ecological requirements of the enterprise, all aspects of resources to continuously improve the ability to control.

game tax policy

a total of 14 categories of goods import tariff rates slashed. Among them, the import tariff suits, fur clothing etc. will be reduced from 14%-23% to 7%-10%, import tariffs, buskined sports shoes from 22%-24% reduced to 12%, import tariffs on diapers decreased from 7.5% to 2%, the import tariff of skin care products decreased from 5% to 2%.

plus a few years earlier to promote consumption and improve people’s livelihood has low tariff, import tariffs in China has accumulated reduced clothing, footwear, skin care products, baby food and supplies, kitchen utensils, cutlery, glasses and other types of consumer goods.

Guoxin Securities analyst, in 2014 China’s global luxury consumer spending of $106 billion, accounting for 46% of global consumption, but the consumption of 76% overseas. Therefore, to attract foreign consumption reflux will be an important direction of expanding domestic demand, but also one of the starting point of the tax adjustment program.

import tariffs fell, many people think it will drive the terminal retail price adjustment. But in fact, the entire commodity import tax link, the proportion of tariffs is not large. According to the provisions of China’s customs department, customs clearance of goods in the process, in addition to tariffs, but also the need for different types of goods on behalf of the value-added tax, consumption tax and other taxes. Involved in the tariff reduction products, skin care products in addition to the tariff, VAT and 30% also need to pay 17% of the consumption tax; then the diapers only need to pay 17% of the value-added tax and tariff.

"price is the core of the competitive advantage of the channel, due to different tax policies, the channels in the product pricing significant difference. For the current consumption of overseas goods, tax is still the focus of the game." Guoxin Securities analyst so evaluation.

is different from the general import trade in import tariffs + consumer + VAT tax, tax cost is relatively high, most of the current cross-border electronic business platform such as the koala net, ocean terminal, Jingdong global purchase mainly take the overseas direct mail and bonded import two modes, only to pay.

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