2 hours of goods sold on the platform of 20 million why sell so well

in October 2015, Dong Mingzhu as a major shareholder of the establishment of the Zhuhai hi pearl New Media Co., Ltd., which contributed 840 thousand of the capital of the company in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. After the establishment of the media, Dong Mingzhu try to use red net economic boost the power of their products, GREE mobile phone brand, small appliances and other products were put on the Dong Mingzhu platform from media sales. Dong Mingzhu said he did not rely on this to make money, but she does not deny that the media is to make money. A powerful suction eye ability and marketing ability to doubt, now live there for this ability plus a booster.

celebrities live in the spotlight, when the broadcast appeared for ordinary people to open a "popular" channel, the powerful communication effect also attracted a lot of celebrities to join. Celebrities with a live show strong marketing force so that people can see, and the user is closer to the network live + electricity supplier may be a good business.

live broadcast of the core, is a live broadcast of the celebrities, the network red, they gathered behind the numerous fans, eye and content, all of which will be translated into purchasing power. In fact, when live into the "Warring States" era, each platform to seek a breakthrough, and live + electricity providers increasingly become more and more broadcast platform and enterprise choice model, it also broadcast platform to find a good model.

celebrity live marketing

the evening of May 25th, Lei Jun by more than a dozen live video sites and APP released millet new UAV products, millet Lei Jun introduced in the performance of the UAV at the same time, while also to the user for flowers, car, yacht. According to millet live data show that 19:30 start of the live conference, an hour later, the number of online platform exceeded 400 thousand, when the end of the conference, online at the same time the number is close to 600 thousand, and this is just a APP data broadcast millet.

also live with the release of the product as well as Lenovo Group President and CEO Yang Yuanqing. In the evening of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, Yang Yuanqing in the beginning of the opening of five hours of cross-border live broadcast. In the broadcast, Yang Yuanqing introduced the day Lenovo launched at Tech World conference of the new flagship Moto Z, also from the gift and a barrage of full screen, select the lucky friends fans, with the latest release of Moto Z to the mobile phone.

and as the best celebrity live broadcast of the world, the founder and chairman of the 360 companies in August 25, 2015, Zhou Hongyi, a live broadcast of BMW spontaneous combustion accident. That night, after the 360 mobile phone conference site of Zhou Hongyi on the way home, the BMW 730 suddenly began to spontaneous combustion, however Zhou Hongyi is the first choice to open the 360 broadcast software "pepper" live, Zhou Hongyi and Wang Sicong during more on-line interaction. But afterwards, some netizens also started trying for the BMW car: "acting so good, this is not intentional, as mobile phone brush presence


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