Ali eliminated electricity supplier, traditional industries must forget the entity concept

in mid October, the cloud habitat conference had shouted, either e-commerce, or no business can be the slogan of Ma, actually called the electricity supplier will be eliminated, a thousand waves stirred up. As some of the summit of Asia’s richest man upon the throne of the Internet gangster, Ma Yun’s wealth is derived from his ten years to build out the business empire. The Internet is not not to be the end of the era of electricity providers?? the answer is not original, Ma believes that the future electricity supplier concept will disappear, the enterprise must take the line to line up, line of business also must go deep into the line down.

The entrepreneur

for many traditional industries are also rooted in a revelation, the electricity supplier to disappear, also indicates that the entity concept will become the past, the traditional industries in the future want to make money, two yuan of opposing ideas first lesson is to break their own, forget the entity concept, pay attention to online or offline attention is not important, how to make the business bigger strong is the only standard guide. Yun Yun Yun also believes that the general meeting of the traditional enterprise is not e-commerce, but traditional thinking.

Ali out of electricity supplier behind: boundaries are disappearing

since 1968, the Internet has been nearly half a century, from its cutting-edge technology now has too high to be reached, everywhere like water and electricity coal as the basic needs of human life. According to a report released by QuestMobile in October 12th, as of September this year, the number of domestic mobile intelligent devices are nearly 1 billion. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) survey, as of June 2016, the size of China’s Internet users reached 710 million, Internet penetration rate of up to 51.7%, a person in the network era has arrived.

in this context, Ali made out of business. In recent years, from the establishment of Ali rookie, investment Meizu, investment intime, Tmall international free trade zone in Tianjin opened the store and other movements, Ali had Tucao Jingdong model too heavy also started to become more and more pure". On the other hand, traditional industries net has become the norm in 2015, Wanda fifast in June this year, WAL-MART sold 1 store and Jingdong strategic cooperation. All the signs indicate that the rapid development of global business, the Internet industry and traditional industry boundaries between the two sides was disappearing, who is no longer a subversive who relationship, but you have me I have you.

when we are accustomed to the Internet to change the traditional industries similar discourse mode, who did not find that the traditional Chinese retail still firmly grasp the 90% market. On the Internet itself by mobile phone millet, IDC survey shows that in 2015 in the domestic market share reached about 15%, but this year, growth in the face of pressure, who disdain the line channels millet, announced recently changed to embrace the line, that will be issued at least 1000 retail stores in 2020.

can be seen from the above cases, the present is the fusion of one of the times, because if the traditional thinking of the two people abruptly separate estimates of future commercial errors, it will bring disaster to their own business, and.

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