Network network anniversary banquet four party start

network network recently, "the world wine banquet four party" warm-up activities has been on the line, for the December 2nd Anniversary Carnival started the prelude. The reporter understands, this is another important activity after landing three new board network network. At the same time, November 24th, network network occasion anniversary start of the tour tasting tour, Shenyang as the first stop a good start.

, an industry source said, the overall layout of the line has become the development trend of the industry, network network based on "ecological wine life world" to complete the layout, with the help of the anniversary, while for the C end and the B end user feedback ecological release.

"Four Party banquet" showing a trend of


network network anniversary revealed its deep professional platform strategic orientation, activities are also showing a clear trend of brand. It is understood that participation in the activities of Wine products are SKU rich, Lafite, Penfolds, yellow tail wine, and other global brands, rose Wine, Groot beer annual items, as well as the global direct supply of wine producing characteristics. In the marketing level, whether it is the C around the scene of the consumer products segment, the diversification of consumption cater to the rational regression of professional wine guide, or the B for partners to provide high premium ability Wine products, reflects the return of brand thinking.

It is reported that

, December 1st -12 month 29 days during the network network will launch a "Thanksgiving feast," Jin Hao "when the feast", "courtesy feast"

, "reunion banquet" segmentation guide consumption, quality home court, at the end of the year-end gifts, stockpile and consumer demand, rather than price subsidies. The day before the anniversary of the return of charge preheating activities have been ahead of the opening.

started the annual finale partner meeting

November 24th, network network occasion anniversary start of the tour tasting tour. In the Shenyang Railway Station, the global network network name and the scarcity of Zhuang Grint, rose etc. the annual hot single product of collective appearance, offers a very competitive series and a new round of incentive plans to focus on the disclosure. In addition, the wine network line B2B trading platform "direct supply" APP will be starting on the line, this will open up the supply and marketing channel partners, overweight Ecological Marketing strength. In the marketing of large coffee platform, network network investment will become the finale of the drama at the end of the year.

analysts said, since the landing three new board, network network broke away from the traditional price war, deep global quality of supply chain, direct mining 3000 products in 16 countries around the world, and strengthened to create a joint strategy of large single product. At the same time, bin cloud strategy Shanxi bonded international inland port 250 thousand square meters to the network network to fully open, this will be a strong support for the anniversary celebration and the long-term development layout. It is understood that the network network and wine boss signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the supply chain, to jointly open up a new world of new retail.

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