Free use of jump engine, WWW network to establish WAP station

July 18, 2007, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in Beijing, the twentieth China Internet development statistics report.

report shows that the number of online computers in China reached 67 million 100 thousand, an increase of more than 2006 units by the end of 7 million 700 thousand. Mobile Internet has become a trend in our country, 27.3% of Internet users use the mobile Internet, the current number of mobile phone users has been a total of 44 million 300 thousand people. The upcoming opening of the 2008 3G mobile phone, Internet will outbreak trend. China has 520 million mobile phone users, is a computer user of the times, and the growth trend is obvious, experts predict that the size of the mobile Internet will be a computer of 10 times.

in the face of such a rapid growth of the mobile phone Internet market, the major portals have opened WAP network, like Sina, Sohu, and so on, but more and more enterprises and individual website does not create its own WAP website.

reason is very simple, rough calculations account, you know the cost of creating a WAP site:

1, Programmer Salary: at least one programmer development program, according to the current wage standard, an average of 3000 yuan / month, the need for $36000 a year

2, server bandwidth: buy a server requires at least 5000 yuan, while the bandwidth needs to be rented to the mobile room, the cost is about $10000 / year

3, edit salary: the establishment of a good WAP site, the need for an independent editor to increase the content, maintenance. To an editor to calculate, 2000 yuan / month is the average standard, a year needs $24000 yuan.

4, office environment: employees can not do without office equipment and office environment, office + computer + phone + fax + Internet + other, at least 10000 yuan a year to support

above four costs, the total is: 85000 yuan / year.

can be seen through the calculation, the annual cost of 85000 yuan is the reason why many companies and individual website prohibitive.

however, through the use of a jump engine, website owners can set up free WAP site. And the above cost can be saved, not only that, the use of the engine to jump the WAP site and the original WWW site content synchronization, no maintenance.

so how to build it? If you have a WWW ABCD.Com site, such as a WWW site, then use the network to establish a engine is:

first step: register and login.

second step: submit the URL, select the establishment of WAP site.

third step: the domain name CNAME records to the, and then verify. < >

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