Zippo George Bresde Duke playing with fire to the extreme, sales of over $200 million

I horse: Zippo lighter is still one of the indispensable man plaything, proved its value metal appearance and practical effect of the use of lighter super. Since 1950s, the number of smokers in the United States has dropped by 50%, but last year Zippo’s sales of more than $200 million, it is how to do


According to

reports, as Zippo’s third generation owner, George Blaisdell · · Duke (George Blaisdell Duke) a question often asked is: "your company still open?" these people have what harm, he said. But Americans have no longer smoke so much, so people of the world’s most famous lighter manufacturer produce such is perfectly logical and reasonable doubt. Whenever this time, Duke will be out of the thousands of times the answer: "Oh, of course," he said, his hand to the desk on the other side to take the Marlboro and wave pattern engraved silver Zippo lighter, "our business is particularly good."

in fact, the company’s business is better than ever.


since the heyday of tobacco in 1950s, the number of smokers in the United States has dropped by 50%, but last year Zippo’s sales exceeded $200 million, a record of the history of the sales company has the highest record since May and June, and refresh the historical record sales in 2014. According to Forbes estimates, the company’s turnover in the past three years, the compound growth rate reached 14%. All this should be attributed to smoking’s new CEO Greg · Buss (Greg Booth), is the home of his 82 year history of the manufacturer’s legendary lighter to a young audience market, will expand into China.

since the birth of the first Zippo lighter, the company has gone through a long way. 1932 Pennsylvania Brad Ford, George · Blaisdell (George Blaisdell) to see a friend very easily cigarette in the windy days, so inspired, this became the beginning of everything. This is located in the Allegheny Mountains town now is still the company’s headquarters. Blaisdell designed a wind shield and out of the ordinary hinge cover, and the promise of their lighter lifetime warranty, as long as the purchase of Zippo lighters are willing to repair, Zippo company will always provide repair service. During the second half of the century, Zippo successfully set up a pragmatic and American image of the Zippo lighter for soldiers in World War ii.

Blaise died in 1978, the Zippo company to his family, but the company’s former chief executive.

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