Some skills of question and answer promotion

Baidu know, Search ask, YAHOO knowledge hall of the quiz website, because of its position, link weight high website promotion way has been regarded as the ideal. These questions and answers each have their own advantages, are relying on their search engine, in their own search engines have a better ranking. Baidu know in Baidu ranking because of its excellent, used to do brand marketing and guide the flow, increase the chain is very good; rely on QQ Search ask this big family, the number of users and the weight is good, not to mention the Soso Ask collected very much, the effect is not worse than the soft, can be said to be more effective; the weight of YAHOO knowledge hall is relatively high and rely on the old YAHOO search engine, users are also more, but also will do the project. A lot of ways to promote, but also different opinions, share my show equipment to do the site’s Q & a promotion experience.

a, control quantity

The answer depends on

‘s own search engine, do too much light to delete the related questions and answers page, while the title IP, even K station, said here is not a search engine K station K station, but submitted problems once the website links will not pass. The number of the number I do this: Baidu know three, with two links, not a band; Search ask three of a link, but do a little bit more, but not at the same time as the best answer; YAHOO knowledge hall to do only a little, do.

two, improve the quality of

questions and answers are carefully set. The question naturally into words, it is best to answer in several key words, even can do a keyword, keyword density is good for ranking, but to the spirit of nature into the principle, to be readable.

three, classification diversification

when asked not to mention in the same category, as long as you are able to get the above, so that the link will not be too single. Many sites will collect these questions and answers, but some sites will only collect a category, in a variety of questions, questions and answers do not collect different sites, so that the source of the link is more abundant.

four, join the team

to join a team is very necessary, the team to answer questions, appear more professional and more credible. To Search ask, sometimes submitted replied with links will also pass, need to be repeatedly modified, but in the name of the team to answer through the chance is relatively high. Another advantage is that it is not easy to expose their account.

four, the establishment of Q & a group

station group to promote everyone must know that the station group can do so Q & a group is not able to do ah. Questions and answers do not have the total chain to the site, similar questions and answers are linked to the same site may cause visitors doubt, it is easy to see that this is a special promotion. A question and answer can only add a link, so you can not do cross links, but you can do the cycle, a series of questions and answers ending

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