Shop new regulations to pick up the sesame seeds lost watermelon

hi shop new rules to suspend, carefully studied, and found that the so-called shop new regulations, but is a complete pick up a sesame lost watermelon thing!

we look at the so-called e-commerce, the mainstream nothing more than B2B/B2C/C2C three. We look at the main functions and responsibilities of the industry and commerce, audit qualification, hair only.

the above two points:

1, B2B, B2C had a photo, just networking. As for the network of tax control, described in the following.

2, did not take only C2C, the so-called new regulations involved in fact only C2C this kind of.

C2C shop, as the name suggests, is customer to customer, is essentially a flea market – my vintage, no sale for pocket money. Of course, in Taobao, there are countless profitability of C2C shop, mixed in, authenticity.

we don’t talk about the difficulties that experts say: students and unemployed people are hard to identify. We use the Internet model to analyze the absurdity of the new shop rules:

C2C market, innumerable stores, into the "long tail" distribution. Meet the customer’s long tail demand. What is the long tail, such as I think about half a year ago, 10 years ago to read poetry, can not buy Bian Zhilin ‘s "Ji Ji Ji", "the ten – year – old grass. While the universal Taobao meets my needs as a very small market segment. The long tail in theory, the cumulative up, the total staggering, almost reached the size of the mainstream market. However, many of the long tail of the store, the management difficulty is in line with the long tail distribution.

we can explore the main business of C2C shop

is the nature of profitability? How to define the territorial jurisdiction?

OK, seemingly simple, the number can be described with the theory of the long tail, there is only one word: disaster! We will use tens of thousands of people to recover one hundred thousand of the low cost. Or, in order to defend the dignity of the ridiculous regulations, will be closed all the way Taobao.

come back and see what the C2C market boom can bring and what should the government do?

I said, Taobao has everything, I appreciate Ma Yun in addition to meet me "very strange" demand, we should be grateful to the national Taobao had a network of consciousness popularization! When more than 50% of the national know online shopping market, a new country will able to be born! To thousands of thousands of civil servants back hundreds of millions to billions of B2B and B2C market with tax. And the business tax model of this market, in addition to low cost, with the traditional market is actually no difference.

remember Bo Yang’s history books which recorded a general war, when passing a rich pear, he thinks back to get a better price, so extort excessive taxes and levies. Drag >

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