Automotive electricity supplier bottlenecks to be broken and a leap

electric car after more than 3 years of development, has become a crucial year in 2014 this year, the electricity supplier trading volume growth alone without too much sense, but the key is to restrict the development of the electricity supplier can break many bottlenecks.

‘s biggest bottleneck belongs to the regulatory level: how to choose the car electricity supplier model of how consumers rights. In accordance with the provisions of the car three packs of regulations, the car manufacturers to make the product of the three packs of commitment to cover all of the sales of products – e-commerce channels, of course, the products covered in the column. If it is O2O mode, the final delivery is still relying on the store (basically 4S shop) to complete, then the problem is relatively simple. In accordance with this provision, the final completion of the car in the 4S shop consumers on the issue of three packages must find a solution to the 4S store. But if the warehouse type car electricity supplier model really appears, it is faced with variables.

"storage type electric car business will soon appear? We might look at the development of the electricity supplier: in 2013 this year the electricity supplier channel sales of 14900 vehicles, an increase of 13.9%, which is about half of the Tmall mall; in addition to the" electric enthusiasts ", a total including BAIC, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM Buick and other big sixteen auto manufacturers, 91 cars, 200 types, 1730 dealers in the Tmall" double eleven "shopping carnival. Tmall mall is harvested in order to 10700 vehicles, 800 million yuan to achieve the total order; and Sohu car, car net, car home three websites of the car online order every 60556 cars, 90466 cars and 17776 vehicles, the amount of orders were 9 billion 205 million, 11 billion 700 million and 2 billion 643 million yuan. As a result, only in the "double eleven" period, Tmall mall, Sohu cars, car net, car home four sites total order has reached 24 billion 300 million yuan.

can be seen from the above figures, in a specific period of 2014 (for example, during the online shopping festival), a specific area (electricity supplier development more mature areas), storage type electric car is likely to occur. And this mode once the "three pack" disputes, accountable for their "sellers" identity is how to define? Direct department or enterprise website? If the "invoice provider responsible" (actually "car three" regulations do not stipulate this). Then the car manufacturers to use electricity supplier model how to open the invoice is an open or a batch of open (if the warehouse electricity supplier) model was established)

3· 15 approaching, whether there will be an electricity supplier caused by activist events, and how to solve, are very worthy of attention.

remove regulatory bottlenecks, logistics and transaction bottlenecks as worthy of attention. Currently other goods to take electricity supplier model, both from the payment or logistics are different from the traditional sales model of the car. The storage car electricity supplier can move from normal to normal, from the network set off truly become the whole electricity supplier model, breaking the bottleneck of transactions and logistics is essential. 2013>

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