The report said that over 60% domestic electricity supplier entrepreneurs under the age of 35

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Yixiao) as the 2012 branch of China (Beijing) e-commerce conference, business entrepreneurs demand conference held yesterday afternoon at the National Convention Center released the first domestic "electronic commerce young entrepreneurs demand report" on the meeting, this is in China for the first time in e-commerce entrepreneurs as the research object the.

report pointed out that the current electricity supplier entrepreneurs show a low three high characteristics, that is, low age, low start-up capital, the number of team size is low, a high proportion of women. Survey shows that e-commerce entrepreneurs, 41% of entrepreneurs are women, while other industries generally only about 20%. At the same time, 57% of the number of e-commerce entrepreneurs are maintained in the number of people under the age of 5 or less, accounting for more than 35 under the age of entrepreneurs accounted for more than 60%, while the majority of start-up entrepreneurs are also less than $50 thousand.

in the main difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, support the development of e-commerce services technology is the most difficult to overcome the difficulties of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs, but also the biggest demand for electricity providers entrepreneurs. Data show that 71% of entrepreneurs rely on Taobao and three party platform business, shop operations often have a very large amount of information and data network traffic, data information is the biggest bottleneck in the development of their restriction.

"according to the current situation, the Alibaba daily amount of data operation is 64 T, more than 10 thousand servers running at the same time, many experts have ran out to help solve the problem of data operation of Alibaba, a look at the whole silly computation." Jing Linbo, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy.

electricity supplier encountered technical difficulties, but also reflects the professional software service industry in the field of electricity providers have greater opportunities for development and market." Assume the report of the research task of Beijing digital 100 Market Consulting Co., Ltd. chairman Tang Xuemei said.

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