Chowhound day can become life service platform eleven

business enterprise love "Festival", as the Alibaba, eleven double twelve, Jingdong 6· 18 and Suning 8· 18, now like a public comment, glutinous rice and other life service website also joined the ranks, making the festival marketing can bring a similar effect to these eleven double electric business platform?

the afternoon of May 17th, the "First Financial Daily" the reporter learned from the public comments, the first section reviews chowhound from 15 days to 17 days, Friday and weekend across the 3 days. The 15 day of the catering turnover exceeded 200 million yuan, 2 million of users involved, nearly one million copies of free meals 2 hours group purchase is sold out. On the first day sold 260 thousand copies, 200 thousand copies of Hot pot buffet, Zhejiang 195 thousand copies, 130 thousand copies of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

If you take the

6 years ago, Tmall first "double eleven" turnover compared the 27 Tmall brand, has a total turnover of 52 million yuan (second years the number of blowout to 936 million yuan) 200 million, then comment turnover has been very impressive.

reporter from comment insiders understand, comments opened a unified entrance to the scope of the 200 million yuan chowhound day, statistics only through the comments section of the group purchase all kinds of panic buying chowhound arising from transactions, not including the "flash benefit", reservation form of specific transactions, chowhound day promotion includes free to eat (0 yuan, half pay, panic buying), 100% (red back to receive 100 yuan coupons to idle away in seeking pleasure).

in fact, the same group purchase website in the festival chowhound play, like second times a day at chowhound Baidu Nuomi, mainly by the red, full cut (such as full 50 by 5.17, at least 100 by 15.17) and other forms, but to expand the range of promotional and dining out related film, KTV, snacks and so on the downstream consumer scene; like the U.S. group in May 17th before and after the introduction of 5.17 yuan catering group purchase. Each of the overall ideas and electricity supplier to create the same section, that is, price incentives, through the transfer of subsidies to consumers.

public comment insider told the "First Financial Daily" reporters, reviews chowhound input in this festival is hundreds of millions of yuan level, subsidies to the merchant side to do promotions, like eat free panic buying, you need to spend 1 cents to generate orders, to store actual consumption after the review again 1 minutes back to the user, the merchant from the review of money.

Baidu has backed investment in rice in the chowhound Festival on even more impressive, said to take out 517 million yuan red envelopes subsidies, shake the maximum amount of 517 yuan of lottery. In order to give the rice festival also took out the chowhound diversion, Baidu traffic resources support, users search in Baidu advertising section chowhound, will automatically pop up glutinous rice nets. In addition to online promotion, but also in Beijing, Shanghai, glutinous rice in Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu city held the line game, the campaign for the chowhound day.

glutinous rice from May 17th last year launched the first day live > chowhound

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