Jiangsu Wujiang joint fleet towards the blue ocean of network trade

300 companies, $1 billion fabric orders. Less than a year, the formation of the fabric of Wujiang export industry joint fleet effect, the e-commerce platform on the popularity of the. Electronic commerce this kind of network trade form, can let sellers and buyers directly in the shortest possible time to communicate, to reach the agreement, the most direct and most convenient." Deputy director of the Wujiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said Li Rui, orders, e-commerce has also promoted the entire textile industry to achieve industrial restructuring, upgrading.

a web site out of 1 billion overseas orders

from the beginning of June 2010, less than half a year, the company’s fabric exports to achieve a breakthrough from zero to 15 million yuan miracle." Wujiang Shi Feng Trading Co., Ltd. manager Feng Yinfeng said. The peak of the world trade will own factory newly developed on fabric Alibaba website, immediately by foreign buyers attention, as a result, there is a demand for buyers quickly orders, the enterprise network transactions gradually increased.

in Wujiang, the miracle of e-commerce not only in this company. In June 2010, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, the Wujiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Alibaba jointly launched the "Alibaba Wujiang branch" and "material base in Jiangsu Province export channel". As of the end of 2010, Wujiang’s 300 fabric export enterprises with this platform to achieve incremental export trade, creating a $1 billion export orders.

horse jet weaving is an enterprise has founded many years old, veteran fabric production and trade in Shengze thousands of enterprises in the competition, has not been able to break through the bottleneck of the homogenization of the competition. In 2009, under the encouragement and promotion of the municipal government, they tried to join the Alibaba.

The first year of

, electronic commerce only one operation, the effect is not obvious; by 2010, e-commerce team has developed to the Golden Horse jet weaving 6 employees, annual online sales reached more than 15 million yuan, now the electronic commerce foreign trade transactions accounted for the company exports 40%.

"with the help of e-commerce, Wujiang textile fabric industry cluster effect multiplier, not only improve the fabric export base of the industrial cluster of the industrial chain, but also enhance the value of industrial clusters." Li Rui said.

is a platform to hold Wujiang industry "fleet"

Wujiang in Jiangsu province is the first to carry out trade in the form of pushing on the e-commerce platform, by the Provincial Department of Commerce as a successful model.

Wujiang currently has two provincial export base – fabric export base and optical cable export base, is also reported in the elevator export base. Relying on the degree of agglomeration of these industries and the role of the base model, we can put them all to the network platform, to participate in international competition on the platform of e-commerce." Li Rui said.

Alibaba Wujiang branch achieved good results: last year, the station opened at the end of the year, the total point >

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