Amazon launched the New Deal commodity prices of goods sold no refund of the price difference

Recode Chinese station on May 24th reported

has been proud of the concept of "consumer first" Amazon Co may alienate some consumers, because the company has just introduced a new policy may provoke these consumers.

in accordance with the previous policy, if consumers in the website to buy a commodity, but after the commodity price, in this case, once the consumer will buy this product a notice to Amazon’s customer service, then, Amazon will refund the balance to the consumer. But now it seems that the Amazon to stop this policy as early as early this month, not to refund the difference of similar consumers.

this result may be related to the rise of a number of start-up companies, these companies to track the price of Amazon’s customers, and actively ask Amazon to return the appropriate price to consumers. One of the start-up companies is located in Losangeles, Santa Monica (Santa Monica) and get the incubator Science support Earny, the company will be the latest changes to the Amazon notice to Recode.

Earny searches for a consumer’s e-mail inbox, finds an electronic receipt, and then continues to track and verify the price of the retail site, to find out whether the price of goods. Paribus, another start-up company has also found the recent changes in the Amazon refund policy changes.

Amazon Co spokeswoman Julie · (Julie) to Recode, said the company will return the price difference policy will apply to TV products Law. The spokesman also said that any other than the purchase of television and other goods to receive a refund of the price difference is certainly encountered an accident". Of course, these "accidents" have always existed before, but now the policy has been canceled.

another very obvious fact is that, like Earny and Paribus and other start-up companies, because consumers are required to submit their credentials in the Amazon account has become the target of the amazon. Julie ·, Lo said, we attach great importance to the safety of consumers, in this would like to remind consumers not to share their Amazon account credentials to anyone." (Jin Quan)

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