U.S. Food Liu Chuanjun fresh low price is the brand, corporate culture is the lifeblood!

American food network founder and CEO Liu Chuanjun, in June 2nd in the United States Department of the general battle to accept the media interview. Liu Chuanjun said: I founded the United States is out of the countryside and the love of the land. By way of the Internet to change the agriculture, rural areas and farmers, is one of my long cherished wish." 2 years of the United States will expand the size of the company to tens of thousands of people in the field of fresh B2B main fresh low brand concept. Through the construction of a unique corporate culture and business model, the successful occupation of the domestic fresh electricity supplier biggest piece of position.

beauty of the audience is a restaurant, I would like to ask how to look at the B2B platform for the audience to choose the


Liu Chuanjun said: the United States and the United States in the early days of the food industry, had to try two 2B market, one is the market, one is the restaurant. We study and analysis: the restaurant is mainly through the purchase of fresh ingredients, processed into high value-added products to provide consumers with food and beverage services, the latter part of the gross profit of more than 60%. And the market is the opposite, the procurement of food needs to be presented to the quality of consumer customers, but only a very low added value. Therefore, the United States believes that the restaurant is more in line with our audience positioning, our self built logistics system, the source of direct docking one-stop restaurant. B2B platform for the audience choice must comply with the company’s strategy and business, in order to identify the best interests of both sides, such as the main dish "fresh low price", is to meet the demand of the dishes in the restaurant.

why do you insist on the direct source of the United States and the logistics system is how to quickly set up


Liu Chuanjun said: direct source can ensure that the dishes fresh, low price". We may wish to direct the source as the field to the restaurant through train, because the abolition of the intermediate links, thus greatly reducing the time to pick up fresh ingredients to the restaurant. This is not only the greatest degree of retention of the food freshness, but also to avoid the multi echelon wholesale price increases, so as to ensure low-cost food.

secondly, the United States has a set of its own military management system and a rigorous cultural construction system, its values and cultural vision and the identity of each employee and practice. We require the first line of logistics drivers to fresh ingredients served on time, because the time and speed is the lifeblood of fresh. Once there was a driver in Beijing made a kidney stone, but also bite the teeth adhere to the product on time to the restaurant, so we are very touched. It is difficult to develop an enterprise without the same faith and hard work. The same is true of logistics, the construction of the system is easy, but to develop rapidly, but also the unity of culture and values.

heard that the United States and the United States has a very unique corporate culture, you can express it?

Liu Chuanjun said: I have a very profound study of history, the United States and farmers are inseparable, so I have been studying Chairman Mao is how to lead the majority of rural areas to win the revolution. We learn from Chairman Mao’s strategy, established the American cuisine and the General Political Department, each branch has the commissar, each logistics distribution are similar and their instructors, the Xinhua news agency.

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