The Ministry of Commerce suffered blow Shop No. 1 open platform of the road is blocked

according to the provisions of the Ministry of Commerce, get the value-added telecommunications business license, shop No. 1 will not open platform operation, this also means that a big piece of cake shop No. 1 profit daliaoshuipiao.

August 14th, the Ministry of Commerce announced that the approval of WAL-MART’s acquisition of 1 stake in the number of shops, so far, WAL-MART has a stake of 51.3%, holding number 1 shop. However, the Ministry of Commerce has additional restrictive clauses, these clauses are as follows: Niuhai Shanghai (1 stores) the acquisition, only using its own network platform directly engaged in the sale of goods; without obtaining the value-added telecommunications business license, Niuhai Shanghai in the purchase shall not use its own network platform network services to other parties; after the completion of this transaction, the Wal-Mart Store Inc shall not engage in at present by Shanghai yishiduo Agel Ecommerce Ltd by VIE architecture (yishiduo) value-added telecom business operations.

according to this provision, before the 1 store to get value-added telecommunications business license, shall not open platform services. At the same time, the Ministry of commerce also closed shop No. 1 through the VIE structure of open platform service road.

, as is well known, the value added telecommunications business license for foreign holding companies is basically forbidden area, which also seems to mean that the opening of the 1 shop has been sentenced to death by the Ministry of commerce.

it is understood that the shop No. 1 from the end of 2010 to start the store shop open platform model, while the open platform is also one of the most important strategy store No. 1 this year.

as of May this year, 1 stores have been settled in the brand has reached 2000. Public data show that in 2011 1 store sales of $2 billion 700 million, an increase of nearly 300%.

open platform because you do not need to purchase and operate the electricity supplier website, but also enrich the SKU and expand profits, welcomed by the domestic electricity supplier B2C.

Shop No. 1 official website, to join the "1 mall" open platform businesses need to pay 5000-10000 yuan of goods quality margin; at the same time, the need to pay 3600 yuan -10000 yuan / year technology platform use fee and Trading Commission pumped into.

and as of press time, 1 shop official has not issued a notice, indicating whether its open platform to terminate operations. In a statement, said: in August 14th, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on the additional restrictive conditions approved Wal-Mart Store Inc capital store 1 antitrust review decision. For the announcement of the decision, shop No. 1 full respect and welcome. The transaction is subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities and meet other final trading conditions." Shop No. 1 responsible person also remained silent on this issue, refused to reply.

at the same time, part of the merchant settled 1 shop also said it has not yet received the No. 1 store for cooperation between the two sides to terminate the notice

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