Talk about the challenge of electronic commerce traditional auto parts marketing channels

e-commerce as a new way of trading has a profound impact on all walks of life. In the auto industry, the traditional marketing channel is too flat, is threatened by the potential of emerging network power, large auto parts city as their own a few years ago turned out, will also face the impact of the new sales model.

The massive infiltration of

e-commerce on the auto industry’s later than other industries, but this situation is increasingly the rise of a new round of e-commerce boom breaks, online trading mode will come a menacing, to challenge the traditional auto parts marketing channels. The day before, the domestic professional auto parts online trading leader "cool distribution network" officially launched, and won ten million yuan investment in advertising, the auto industry has become a new favorite in the web site.

electronic model advantages show

China’s auto parts industry market is mainly in the traditional marketing mode, in the current market situation, the large auto parts, auto parts supermarket, brand manufacturers direct marketing and other traditional channels still occupy the mainstream position, but also to the electronic trading mode provides to demonstrate its unique advantages of the stage. The rapid development of China’s auto industry, in the golden period of development of China’s auto industry has driven the market in the automotive aftermarket aftermarket auto parts, automotive supplies market continues to expand. Such a large market, the same space left for e-commerce is immeasurable. At present, the domestic auto parts industry engaged in electronic promotion is mainly four categories: comprehensive portal auto channel, such as; auto parts industry portal, such as China auto parts network; electronic transactions of Dangdang, eBay and Taobao and professional management of auto parts trading site, such as the car cool distribution network, net interest etc..

in fact, the rise of e-commerce model of auto parts industry, change its essence and change sit sales as a marketing. Through the website of lower level agents, dealers to carry out batch purchasing, reduce intermediate links, reduce the cost, but more important is to reflect the will of all buyers, manufacturers, agents and consumers through direct negotiation, the product information quickly back to the factory, sales method of traditional channels fundamentally change. In addition, do not have to run around here and there, through the network can quickly get product information, website and manufacturer will provide professional advice, one-stop delivery and quality assurance at the same time, the auto parts market itself due to chronic illness, price and quality are very confusing, through the network quickly familiar with the brand and price, and can make a clear contrast, to prevent fraud.


website is a new try of transaction mode, auto parts products to display on the website and the reality of the auto city is the same, but also more convenient, even can provide professional advice, and the user of the product evaluation. Any enterprise will pay attention to the brand, want as far as possible to reduce the cost of production, sales, and any consumer want to buy high quality and inexpensive auto products with lower price, the network provides the possibility for all this. Today, there are no large auto parts manufacturers will ignore the existence of the network, although it is now.

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