An activity province 2 million promotion fee!

a few days ago, attention to a called "Princess" app extended to the circle in the circle of friends, my friends rarely push advertising information, since all please move her, have recommended places so obediently to download.

entered the home came to the attention of a princess is "to chowhound" activities, in this sector saw a "delicacy foundation" the sharing activities. Pay attention to when this activity is 26, the end of the event, see above shows the number of participants more than 7 thousand people attended, the highest reached more than and 200 people who had been invited! Estimated invite the average person to the 15 person, and know about the extension of a app registration has been as high as 20 yuan! According to the average, such a recommended activities can save nearly 2 million of the cost of marketing! This is just less than a week, the promotion effect of


what kind of activities? A detailed look at the rules of the activity that invite 5 buddy can obtain 15 yuan cash coupon, daily invite up can obtain 50 yuan cash coupon, the cumulative invite up can get 300 yuan cash coupon, can be said that the rules are simple and crude, but it can not download this app by the cash coupon only, deliberated, download the motivation is mainly based on the sharing activities of the friends of the trust, in fact, is the legendary

word-of-mouth marketing!


is it kind of a platform? Let me be that high income, do not care about petty white-collar friends in the circle of friends heartily recommend


online search to Princess home is a special kind of imported food platform, have snacks, health care products, fresh fruits, food, children’s milk sold, now also added a new category of cosmetics. On the first line of the transaction on the breakthrough 3 million, female users accounted for 90%, the average customer price of $400. Now that marketing is difficult to do, but also the existence of a relatively mature platform, very curious about the initial marketing of the house is how to do?

‘s a princess (odd) Italy (PA) marketing looks a lot, 1 by WeChat circle of friends to spread the game, a total of about 200000 people participated in the WeChat game. every day for a password guessing, guess to get cash coupon, 340 thousand people participate in the guessing, direct transactions about 300000 sales. 3 original off-season Shopping Festival, Leo banquet please, on the day of the sales platform 1 million! 10 points every million people squat, 87% of the activity maxed chowhound favorability! So, secret weapons or loyal fans.


to retrieve the princess home shopkeeper, is not so much a beauty president, as it is more appropriate to President chowhound, chowhound understand chowhound, so can so master of psychological fans. Self born Princess chowhound home President Shen Danping is the founder of "chowhound.

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