Access to WeChat’s card pack pat Network double 12 continue to move in the end

Tencent Francisco December 9th, recently there is news that at the end of the year during the Christmas sales season, pat Network will be formally access WeChat card package, and through this platform to distribute users billions of dollars of Pat micro shop general red. This is also the introduction of the network after the launch of the 11 pairs of friends beat the fight between the two friends of WeChat products cheap shot again after the combination with WeChat innovative mobile providers play.

billions of dollars WeChat card package

access pat red

is reported that WeChat card package is a new feature after the introduction of the 5.5 version of WeChat, located in the main directory I, a page, album, wallet, etc.. WeChat card package can help the user to coupons, membership cards, tickets, movie tickets and cards in the bag, accumulated after classification management. Pat Network Access WeChat card package, through WeChat services to consumers, consumers receive payment envelopes, envelopes, will appear in the WeChat card package, the cumulative amount of red can can also be donated to friends. At the same time, pat net’s red can also be shared by consumers to produce fission in the circle of friends, the formation of the transfer and circulation between friends, increase the utilization rate of red envelopes.

The person in charge of the

pat Network said that by the end of the Christmas season in the promotion period, micro shop full general red pat Network to the users to distribute billions of dollars. Through access to WeChat card package, not only can help consumers manage coupons pat on the platform is convenient, but also to let the consumer entrance card package for more convenient to find pat micro shop, micro shop diversion, the formation of consumption experience of closed-loop. It is reported that pat the audience will be officially distributed in December 10th, consumers will be able to search through the WeChat service number pat Network concern after applying for.

dual 12 continue to move in the end

in addition to carry out promotional package of red social sharing through access to WeChat card, pat Network in the 12 New Year’s day from the double to the whole Christmas season again focusing on moving around the pat micro shop carried out various activities to form.

to Christmas New Year’s Day ‘buy’ Young ‘as the theme of the promotion of a large selection of the micro shop to sell the exclusive merchandise consisting of exclusive venue". For example, the market guide price of 828 thousand Audi Q7 fell 599 thousand and 900 in sales in 2700, Ford! More TOYOTA Prado explorer, Mercedes Benz GL350, Mercedes Benz GL400 and other high-end models surprise price sale. In addition, the overseas purchase channels mainly include Tiffany, the gift will bring Gucci, Burberry, Armani, Versace and other top brands, so pat users, little finger, you can enjoy the Christmas shopping spree of global stimulus. And to include the world’s ten largest chocolate brand in seven the venue will also offer special purchases for the Spring Festival from all over the world food rich consumer’s table.

addition, pat Network will also buy goods by order No., "the next day 3D lottery lottery number" found 50 lucky, lucky to 999 yuan ultra low-cost purchase authentic licensed iPhone6 users through micro pat shop orders, but also enjoy the "pumping >

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