The sea Amoy Tmall Jingdong shares rise Jumei weak Koala

sea Amoy First World War "like a raging fire, keep beating the Jingdong’s global purchasing and spiker Tmall international, thefugongshou NetEase koala sea purchase, battle abnormal anxiety, who is the final winner, who is black, who will be left behind, affecting the industry attention. One by one inventory of the performance of each war, the future pattern of the sea Amoy industry will surface.

Jingdong global purchase: copy the previous model record just passable

Jingdong is officially entered the sea Amoy business the largest electricity supplier platform last year, until April 2015 before the global online shopping business. Jingdong proprietary mode is different, Jingdong global purchase is self + platform mixed mode, merchants settled to pay the highest $15 thousand margin and $1000 fee. Jingdong in the global purchase online for more than 2 months time, the French Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, eBay featured overseas channels have been on the line, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou three bonded warehouse operation at the same time, the development speed is very fast. According to the Jingdong global purchase official Qiu Huang said that the current access to businesses of nearly one thousand, there are more than 800 thousand SKU, but the Jingdong global purchase direct proportion of import goods search results only 239 models, third party seller is still the main sales.

as the initiator of scouring the sea battle, the Jingdong global share in the war and not as past performance just passable, darling. Compared with other Jingdong business lines, the Jingdong received the support of the global purchase was limited, the price advantage is not obvious, unable to throw off competitors. If you just focus on the introduction of Unilever global flagship store purchase, because the shelves of products and domestic sales of little difference, the volume is very general. Jingdong global purchase is more or rely on the accumulation of the platform before the flow of dividends, in order to break through the development and can not completely copy the previous model, also need to work hard in the overseas supply chain.


Tmall: international leading scale behind the clouds

launched in February 2014 Tmall international is the earliest in the sea Amoy business business platform, and the Tmall business is pursuing the same platform mode, merchants settled in to pay an annual fee of around $35 thousand and securities and 3%-6% Commission, but in 2015 before the performance is generally questioned the outside world. Foreign media evaluation shows that about 70% of Tmall international shops almost no turnover, only over ten million stores sold over 30. In 2015 Tmall began to force, Ma frequently visited, the world’s five largest supermarket in the South Korean Pavilion, on-line, years to promote more general mobilization is initiated by imported special, save many decline.

as a sea Amoy war, the main attacker, Tmall international sales scale of this greatly promote no doubt ahead of other competitors. But this is more because of the bulk of the lead advantage, but the industry’s first SKU to ensure the total size of the basic sales. Tmall’s current level of service can not keep up with the pace of its investment, promote the flow is limited, making the majority of foreign businesses are not familiar with the Chinese market sales dismal. The >

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