What kind of e-commerce platform for small and medium enterprises

mentioned in front of small and medium enterprises should choose what kind of e-commerce platform for different companies because of the size of the different types of e-commerce will be different. So how to design a general e-commerce platform


: before the first to build e-commerce platform to carry out some understanding and analysis of the products, some understanding of the market, understand the customer’s psychology, and what customers want information about products on the Internet, customer’s Internet habits! At the same time, some analysis of the business, after all, because businesses understand things more in-depth market but, for some customers put things on the Internet can achieve can provide a good basis! These information investigation and understanding will have a crucial role in the positioning of the site! Analyze customer habits, thinking, hobbies, and other aspects of the information through the investigation of


second: e-commerce platform to build the plan. Through our research on the market information, it is necessary to make use of the information on the e-commerce platform for some positioning. Our platform will provide customers with some services, whether the information is the information they want. After the customer to see whether the information will have a sense of harvest, can not increase the stickiness of the site, the customer’s rate of return is high, the ability to form a number of word of mouth in the customer communication. These problems make us at the beginning of the platform to build the first thought, and then we have to answer these questions raised!

third: after the analysis of our e-commerce platform to build on our analysis to determine the platform to build the program. E-commerce platform to build the program from the following considerations:

first platform to pay great attention to security, an insecure e-commerce platform for both themselves and the browser is devastating.


e-commerce platform to build the network marketing.

e-commerce platform should be based on the information to determine the identity of the user’s e-commerce platform.


electronic commerce platform function. Many companies think that e-commerce is on the Internet to allow visitors to pay us directly to buy our things. In fact, this idea is not suitable for the current e-commerce, and the different characteristics of different products also determines a lot of industry products can not be purchased directly on the internet. Now people’s consumption habits have not yet reached this height, seeing is still the reality of people’s shopping habits. Lighting as an example: lighting as a product is not easy to transport the decision can not be limited to the purchase of space. Such as: the people of Zhengzhou will not go to Beijing to buy Lamps and then shipped back to Zhengzhou, the vast majority of customers will choose this mode. Even if there are some special lighting or very distinctive and the customer has the ability to afford such a fee, so regional restrictions is a feature of the industry. Of course, online ordering is not a

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