Three well-known companies work together to promote the development of local e-commerce portal

, ShopEx, PHPwind and other Chinese name three well-known Internet Co

joint efforts to focus on the development of local e-commerce portal

after a round of financial crisis, e-commerce to promote the new economic market is extremely prosperous. We believe that the next few years will be the golden age of the Internet, the rapid development of the Internet has spawned many emerging industries, emerging e-commerce industry is based on the Internet, one of the most important applications of the Internet at the same time. Especially in the current new situation in the network, more and more sites will be difficult to survive, but the local portal community, Internet advertising and e-commerce sites have more liberal policy and development space. Now actively layout, the future will enjoy.

the next few years, the author believes that the following 4 modes will have a good chance, 1, the traditional industry should be with network marketing platform (B2C) combined to realize the expansion and complementary pattern; 2, focus on the market of agricultural products, run agricultural e-commerce website, the world food crisis and tilt Chinese on agricultural policy that would be a good time. 3, various segments of the B2B business platform. 4, the local community website, portal website should make good use of their own strengths and geographical advantages, actively combine with e-commerce, rich people visit and few local community portal logistics expenses profit guarantee, in this way the most workable. For example, PHPwind (community system) and ShopEx (shop system) or PHPwind and ECMall (mall system) to use, so that we can make friends in the chat to see the news can also buy what they need.

to select a good community system and independent online platform is the key to the overall planning and construction site, choose a good domain name, hosting, bandwidth of Internet providers is the future of network marketing is smooth and the success of the foundation. Therefore, the three major domestic Internet Co (ShopEx, PHPWind, Chinese name) gathered, signed a shop system, community system (Forum), host the three party strategic cooperation agreement, will be in the industrial upgrading and integration of e-commerce businesses, the demand of local portals, industry websites and enterprises, provide support for a rich program the application of e-commerce, make more convenient and effective.

congratulations on the successful signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the three companies, the introduction of an independent shop system, community forum system, payment packages, as well as virtual hosting multiple experience preferential activities:

, a Chinese name, shop hosting customers have the opportunity to obtain the shopex value of 200 yuan of commercial card authorization and thousands of dollars of business templates, and enjoy the corresponding privileges, such as giving Wangluo, go to the shop, free to join ShopEx network copyright alliance, free to join Shopex forum technical support area;

two, China net forum hosting customer experience can be > PHPWind

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