What is the minimum micro business

students all know, micro business is a business model of fans economy, then the derivative is the lack of what exactly? Here to tell you know: derivative is not the lack of fans, not products, is the lack of trust between each other. Micro business is a personal relationship, play is the fans of the economy, the training is a sense of trust, when the fans do not trust you, you release more product information is invalid, it is difficult to deal. It has been the scraper sellers period, now rely on the scraper is definitely not good. So how to cultivate the trust of WeChat friends?


first: I think we have to spend at least 40% of the time interacting with fans

interactive, you can quickly activate the fans, improve the frequency of communication with your fans, resulting in a private one to one exchange, and thus establish a sense of trust, and then promote the consultation, and ultimately contribute to sales. The interaction between people is actually very simple, heart to heart, sincerely treat each other, treat each other as a good friend, finally you can go far.

I often listen to a lot of big coffee training, to learn to love and fans. In fact, the fans and love is to tell you to interact with the fans, and treat your fans, like the lovers you treat. You think you are to catch up with their own girlfriend / boyfriend. Do not spend some time, do not spend some time, not a few times, people will promise you?

again, spend 30% of the time each day to the fans, to the customer, to the agent output value

What do

fans need? They need to be happy. They need to be fun. So when we interact, you can do some articles for their interests. For customers, customers need to care and greetings, the need for after-sales service. 80% there is no micro business customer service tracking, basically sell the product after it, there is little communication with the customer. Therefore, the customer purchase rate is relatively low.

agent need what? The agent needs sales methods, micro business marketing skills, need family support and encouragement. So, as a home, you need to constantly provide valuable information to the agent, the transfer of positive energy



then, spend 20% of the time every day to communicate sincerely with customers

may have a lot of customers on our products of interest, but do not know how to ask, some customers think we are very busy, feel shy disturbed, so when the customer consultation initiative, we must patiently explain. Behind the consultation, there must be demand. As long as the customer consultation, that she is interested. Of course, to do a good job consulting sales, not just a few words can be summed up, you need to have a professional terminology, professional product knowledge, consumer psychology, etc..

finally, 10% of the time to do the transaction.

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