The auto parts industry e-commerce marketing strategy

in recent years, with the deepening of the development of e-commerce, the traditional enterprise is entering the era of e-commerce, the Internet have to expand the market access, and auto parts as one of the circulation of commodities, with its high profit margins, the different levels favored dealers, distribution channels have also been all-round development. There are no restrictions on the online market all auto parts businesses, manufacturers, but with no marginal market, many people have confused, do not know how to be. A variety of media, the era of e-commerce marketing strategy, need more than traditional marketing, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the vast sea of direction.

currently there is a misunderstanding in the auto industry, many businessmen and manufacturers mistakenly believe that e-commerce is to create a website, and for the lack of research and understanding of the Internet, the website is also deaf ears, as decoration. E-commerce marketing, not simply on the Internet website, advertising, but a series of planning, strategy, budgeting and effect analysis of the marketing work, bring enterprise network marketing effect is not a single product promotion, but the integration of enterprise and Internet information resources, so as to carry out network marketing, in order to achieve low cost, high return business purpose.

auto parts industry to carry out e-commerce marketing has several core need to pay attention to:

a search engine is an important channel, the use of a good search engine is essential

huge increase in Internet information, search engine users will be one of the tools. When the Internet users to complete the search behavior, it may be natural to search your site, if your site is ranked in front of the search results, naturally when the potential users to take the initiative. So do the premise will be located in marketing, to think about how to let more people find your website is the website optimization and promotion is very important.

two, the establishment of their own industry circle, multi channel network sales increase

every day a lot of people in the use of search engines, even if your website ranking, access to the opportunity to contact with it. But he may just be a fit, to let a stranger to accept a new product, need to pay a small cost. So, with the next line of the market, the network market also needs a good business district, so naturally contribute to business. Each industry has more or less circle, or in accordance with the interests of the sort of circle. If you can put the circle of good business, we are familiar with each other, when there is a demand, and when you feel the product can also be, so the possibility of an acquaintance with you is not big deal? Then the rest of his circle of friends, also have the same requirements, probably so, you product information has been spread to another circle. As a result, the efficiency of information dissemination to you, rather than purely by the efficiency of search engine is not fit for the channel is much higher in


set up a lot of ways, for example, to participate in the professional forum to discuss the industry, and gradually integrate into the market in the industry to establish their own blog group, issued by the

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