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Abstract: in 2016, how much energy will be generated by the double eleven, the number of orders for the logistics industry is already in place?

91 billion 200 million turnover, the logistics of the order of 467 million, which was created last year, double the miracle of the day of 11. How much energy will be generated by the eleven double in 2016, the number of orders wrapped in the logistics industry has been ready for the war?

national post office, rookie network jointly announced in October 13th this year, the preparation of 11 double. According to statistics, this year, during the 11 double, the industry will have a staff of 2 million 680 thousand people into the first two of the express delivery service in, more than last year, an increase of more than 50%, the backbone of the vehicle grew by about 59%, air capacity increased by about.

rookie network CTO and rookie 11 Wang Wenbin, commander in chief of the two in the day of the two express mobilization conference, said this year will be the year of the upgrade of the double 11 logistics". In the last year has been basically solved the explosion on the basis of this year, the courier industry in data technology and capital power, three features upgrade presents data upgrades, service upgrades and capacity, compared to previous years will take time for double 11, pay more attention to provide good experience for consumer services.

collaboration to prepare more fully crowdsourcing debut

to 2016, double 11 has entered its eighth year. According to the State Post Bureau preliminary forecast, this year, double 11 period (November 11th to 16) of the industry to deal with the mail (express) business volume will be more than 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year.

it is expected this year, double 11 packages will achieve global high, rookie network will parcel delivery courier companies China cooperation again to complete the world record.

Wang Wenbin pointed out that in the past 7 years, in the whole social logistics coordination, has basically solved the double pressure lines and 11 warehouse warehouse explosion problem, this year will focus more on the end of the delivery and service experience to solve the problem, so coordination is more important.

11 pairs of Chinese express delivery, logistics industry, is an industry conference. In the rookie network collaboration, the industry has formed a close fit. During the 11 major courier companies will temporarily put down the identity of competitors, the formation of a unified combat room, for a single express delivery and logistics of real-time notification, emergency linkage. This year will be so.

in the case of sharp increase in the volume of parcels, 11 logistics is still under pressure, mainly in the end of the distribution part. Wang Wenbin said the plan by rookie post, from mentioning cabinet and shunt pressure at the end of this year, the courier companies also increased, car and ground.

addition, Crowdsourcing service will debut double 11, rookie has prepared dozens of peoples united express enterprise package courier on standby.

distribution in the field, the rookie has built China’s largest open warehouse distribution network, will be for businesses and consumers to mention

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