Petals petals network reached the electricity supplier shopping guide platform on-line market


[Reuters] billion state power network is not petals have relations with the electricity supplier.

September 11th

news network’s website, the petals petals in the market yesterday evening officially launched, this is home to a photo sharing based social networking site, began to design products with creative shopping guide as a starting point, play a dual role of e-commerce ecosystem in peripheral promotion and product incubator.

billion state power network login page all commodity market petals, appear on the website are from the designer or design brand, gathered more than 100 domestic well-known designers, such as the Liuhe academy, written, read, for porcelain meters cabinetmakers etc..


The petals of

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market is the most "petals polymerization people have a desire for products." According to reports, the petals market recommended content more concentrated in the Home Furnishing, jewelry, environmental protection and other personalized products, rather than food, the most widely purchased these clothes.

previously, the petals net has been low-key start domain two, and named the petals fair. News from the inside of the petals network, said it would be a completely different from and beautiful said the existing model of shopping guide platform.


Click to buy links can jump to the electricity supplier platform merchandise display page

will go to Taobao search when you have a clear demand, when you want to buy the most popular clothes you will go to beauty, but when you want to pursue personality and quality of life, you will come to bazaar petals." The source pointed out that, in addition to doing a differentiated category on the business category, there are many differences in content presentation and operation.

it is understood that the same as the sharing of the community, said the beauty of the mushroom and electricity supplier to go a little earlier, but also intercepted a large number of users and customer resources. In contrast, the petals of the network has been committed to simple image sharing and collection, has not yet contacted the electricity supplier shopping guide. Previously, Liu Pingyang, founder of the petals network has said that the early stages of operation, try to bypass the electricity supplier. Because it has just begun, you have not been able to completely control the site, prematurely put some of the more aggressive things, the site will be the style and direction of migration. Once you have a certain user scale and technology later, these things and then come in, it will not have too much impact on everyone."

is now the time is ripe, as a part of many domestic Pin website, the petals net user scale has exceeded 1 million, and gathered a large number of designers, photographers, creative Master and performance enthusiasts, the creative type of goods has a more urgent demand. These creative people need platform to provide more services, such as adequate funding, the operation of the platform, team management. And that >

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