Watch the group network network line assembly Grote European Cup fall back

news June 27th, the European Cup 1/8 finals is now halfway, the passion of the fans in this hot summer again to burn high! On Sunday evening, to search network network of football fans called the European Cup, dozens of fans gathered in Shuangjing to drink beer Grote Gloryt bar ecological and interactive, completely lit enthusiastic spectators in the European Cup and the collision of passion "ecological Grote beer" in


fans in the world, football is their common language, while beer is’ standard. From the orthodox German wheat beer, a symbol of glory, conquest, madness and splendid sports ecological IP Gloryt is undoubtedly the summer wine Grote European Cup match choice. From the German Mannheim pure beer Grote Masanori born: produced from Aishibao top beer manufacturers in Germany (Eichbaum) winery, wine and music as sports network joint production, its product experience officer "is with a great reputation before the CCTV Oprah, LETV sports chief content officer Liu Jianhong. It is reported that this year will be through the network network LETV ecological force, will build a core Grote own brand products.

to help out the European Cup, dozens of fans in search of football originally be strangers to each other and network Network Organizations gather Valentine bar bar. It is understood that the night scene of the fans, that each admission to get a bottle of beer "Grote Gloryt," ecological later labeled the most iconic Grote "moustache". The game has not yet started, the passion of the fans has been accompanied by a slow release in many grote. Interactive games before the start of the moment to mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone in the drum of wine in the game, the winner will have the chance to get equipment, network network Grote tasting USB, full 100 by 30 net wine mall coupons and other prizes, let the fans hooked! From the strange to the wine, unbounded lattice charm lute Gloryt to join the European Cup interpretation of sports and beer



Grote help European Cup line Adrian

today, beer is not only exclusive for men, because Groot Gloryt characteristic shape and different taste, many women also become a fan of grote. The day before, because of the music as the annual meeting with the song "worship" dance "sister Diao Chan burst of red king Yao opened the webcast," to teach male girl who got surgery". As a senior fan Grote, sister Diao Chan is four Grote beer: glory · wheat white beer, dark beer, glorious conquest of · · wheat black beer, crazy · stout compared to the four different types of character of man, as there are different degrees of bitter beer, aroma and taste. King Yao "men such as wine, wine like a man" as a metaphor, expounds how to tease male to the girl, full of fun.

it is understood that the "Grote Gloryt" glory, conquest, madness, brilliant four beer products have been settled, Lotte.

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