The interpretation of domestic training Wangzhuan inside the bamboo shoots after a spring rain

now, open the webmaster website, forum, everywhere shines with a monthly income of million Wangzhuan training advertising, people can not help but point into a look, they are how to achieve a monthly income of over a million, there are bidding training, SEO training, Taobao customer training and so on, of course, there are a large number of rich heresy the operation. Don’t say how true these Wangzhuan, can lead the students out of the plight of Wangzhuan onto the road to get rich. On the training industry is A new force suddenly rises. Wangzhuan is worth studying, what is the birth of this industry, and what to let owners repeatedly fooled sharpened to participate in various training.

a, there is market demand, higher training demand unprecedented

according to the "white paper" in 2010 China Internet webmaster survival and development status shows: China webmaster, especially to fight a lone battle of personal webmaster, survival situation is worrying, 42.2% of the owners also do not have any income, the monthly income of not more than 2500 yuan owners rose from 60% in 2009 to 80.5%, 58% of the China stationmaster income from 500 yuan, the main mode of online advertising is still profitable advertising alliance webmaster, Baidu alliance as the representative of the support of the owners of the daily life.

survey shows that the domestic revenue per head of less than 1000 yuan accounted for more than 80%. The fighting in the webmaster Wangzhuan, but can not find the profit model, or can not find the Wangzhuan direction, there is an urgent need for someone to be brought into the door on Wangzhuan, the profitable, which spawned Wangzhuan training industry.

two, the Internet is one of the lowest threshold income channels

at present, the domestic employment pressure unprecedented, many college graduates can not find a job, or can not find a suitable job is an indisputable fact. Want to start your own business, even in the two or three line of the city to open a store to nearly 100 thousand yuan investment, by contrast, on the Internet as long as millions to buy a space, domain name can be started, which makes many college students, there are a lot of unemployed to join Internet entrepreneurship.

most entrepreneurs, or do not understand the program, do not understand or do not understand website construction, network marketing, promotion, how they need someone with a natural, natural born Wangzhuan training.


unprecedented rich thoughtsNo matter who is

, in this materialistic desires, unprecedented economic society, all want to occupy a space for one person’s wealth feast. Open "anywhere, are thousand more attractive advertisements, no capital on hand, and want to rich people, it is possible to go online to make the road to join Wangzhuan training, or will be successful, or will be cheated.

four, difficult to resist the psychological training Wangzhuan marketing

open any Wangzhuan training page, all students claim whether migrant workers or students, as long as you have passion, regardless of whether you understand the web, whether to understand the network marketing, you can easily achieve a monthly income of over million, is this.

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