Jingdong delayed PO rumors flying valuation has shrunk by 40%

Chinese is one of the largest e-commerce platform in the Jingdong’s birthday (June 18th) that "accident" was the competitor "collective encirclement".

this is known as giant baby electricity supplier companies in the critical moment on the eve of IPO, is trying to beautify the sales data through price wars to win the favor of investors.

1 billion yuan turnover out let those colleagues need to burn for flow, grab the market scale to check the Jingdong as a "foil", but the scene on the stage play never brilliant, behind the biggest Chinese electricity supplier price war in the history, more is the upcoming listing of Jingdong drama.

however, yesterday (June 21st) there are media reports said: plan IPO Jingdong mall scheduled for the three quarter of this year once again frustrated, considering the global market weakness, has decided to postpone the listing plan to the first half of next year. The Jingdong declined to comment.

According to the analysis of

sources, Jingdong listed on the road so perhaps is the Jingdong internal striking one snag after another, for the listed problems still did not reach a consensus, is the main Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) and investors, especially in the last round in the Tiger Fund, the last round of financing of $1 billion, VC for the valuation is $10 billion now, the valuation of the Jingdong has shrunk by about 40%.

618 business PR suspicions of

Dangdang, Gome (micro-blog) alliance, Suning challenge Jingdong, Tmall off the sidelines. However, maybe they want to exterminate all Jingdong.

"5 billion 800 million yuan price of ammunition rush!" in June 18, 2012 ten in the morning, when the Jingdong began to benefit 1 billion yuan promotion, the history of the largest electricity supplier war broke out. "0 yuan purchase", "free delivery threshold value of 40 million yuan in cash envelopes", "1 billion yuan" and other slogans under the stimulation of commodity price competition, coupons red everywhere, the electricity supplier bigwigs have to "overweight", in front of the Jingdong under a variety of matrix, the intention is clear: to get people money, land grab,


however, behind the bustling price war, a "black hand" information dissemination is approaching.

on the afternoon of June 18th, the media District media reporters have received a self proclaimed Taobao old employees anonymous mail, the Taobao employees claimed to expose the true face of Alibaba.

"we received mail?" in a group called "copycat conference" of the media group, people began to bubble, "revealed Taobao data fraud!"

in just 3 minutes before the group of more than 60 journalists are grouped within the group live electricity supplier price war fighting.

this is called Taobao 2011 sales, the PPT file shows that in 2011 the total turnover of 485 billion 600 million yuan Taobao, Amoy

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