The restaurant online booking through the payment of part of the public comment on the OpenTable

Huang Yuan

to some extent, the restaurant online booking to get through the user experience to pay, and taxi software is somewhat similar." Yesterday, the public comment for the first time disclosed that its strategic products Restaurant online reservation has opened up payment, including WeChat Alipay, a variety of payment products; the reservation department general manager Wang Xugang told reporters this interpretation.

restaurant online booking is not a new thing, the world’s largest online restaurant reservation service provider OpenTable (OPEN:Nasdaq) has landed on NASDAQ in 2009. Over the past year, its share price continued to rise, closing at March 10th has more than 82 U.S. dollars per share.

in the public comment on the 2014 annual meeting of speech, public comment CEO Zhang Tao had internal expressed hope that 2014 online restaurant booking service in the number of businesses beyond OpenTable; 2015 hopes from the entire order quantity or terms of daily turnover to become the world’s first.

according to foreign media reports, OpenTable’s income mainly consists of three parts: about 54% from the ordering software on the rental fee, 42% from ordering into commission; and another 4% from the software installation fee and other fees. It is worth mentioning that, because the OpenTable does not pay the transaction, it is impossible to implement the transaction sharing program, but the number of meals as a fee standard.

at present, OpenTable is planning to add mobile payment on the basis of the original restaurant reservation service. At this point, the public comment has been one step ahead.

at present, the experience of booking and payment has been launched in Shanghai about 100 businesses to start the pilot; from March 3rd, booking the user through the WeChat payment can be obtained by reducing the amount of 20 yuan discount. According to the public comment network insiders, these benefits are paid by WeChat and public comment on the joint subsidies.

open mobile payment is the key to the closed loop – which is the hot word in the Internet industry, but also O2O (online – offline) core. Information decision – booking – restaurant consumption – payment, the restaurant online booking application scenarios, which is evaluated as O2O closed loop typical scene. And its bundled mobile payments, it is precisely the only sign of the formation of a closed loop transaction, but also the basis of Internet Co precipitation data and payment habits, etc..

in the public comment network co-founder and vice president Long Wei opinion, the value of public comment O2O entrance is that it is not only able to form a line of payment scenarios, or the entrance of consumer decision-making. That is, when the taxi software into the post subsidy era, the end of the life of the vertical type of service to become the next round of contention for the Internet giant.

market has experienced Alibaba and Tencent education, users pay more and more accustomed to the line." Wang Xugang believes that, at present, online booking and payment conditions are ripe. He also revealed that the next version of online booking is 3.0>

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