China nternet Network nformation Center domain name registration service organization authenticati

Article 1 These measures are formulated in accordance with the measures for the administration of Internet domain names in China in order to regulate the domain name registration services and safeguard the rights and interests of the users of domain names.


fourth domain name registration services (hereinafter referred to as registration services), according to the "China Internet domain name management approach", "China Internet domain name registration rules" and other provisions of the admissibility of the application for the domain name registration, domain name registration information will be sent to the CNNIC domain in the central database to complete the registration.

fifth for domain name registration services qualification, shall meet the following conditions:

(two) are in conformity with the domain name registration activities of funds and professional personnel;

sixth for domain name registration services qualification, it shall submit the "CNNIC domain name registration services application to CNNIC". The application shall include the following contents and relevant certification materials:

(six) and the corresponding safety measures have to ensure the system user registration information security, including software systems, hardware equipment and regulations;

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