Analysis of the electricity supplier practitioners on winter the issue of exposure to the industry p

news in December 13th the first half of 2011 also be in full swing of e-commerce enterprises, the second half began to gain the favor of investors. The school on behalf of the network CEO Kongyu Xing’s words revealed the truth: a year ago behind the electricity supplier and one year after the "bad mouthing" business are same, but the real confidence in the business model people do not believe that "electricity into the winter".

"electric winter" argument from the current situation of business enterprise, but the massive burn long time does not make money, mode and development prospects of the electricity supplier is not good, some people even put forward the "business is a scam". However, Ai Rui CEO Yang Weiqing believes that the capital of the winter is not equal to the winter of the industry, the reason why the electricity supplier will be questioned, in essence, because the capital market unhealthy state of mind.

Martha Marceau CEO Sun Hong said that the electricity retail market is still growing fast, so it suffered a "winter" to look at the business enterprise is from the capital, to make money or rely on consumers to make money, "if the business is to make money from consumers, the market is still spring, and this phase will last for many years, and because the traditional retail market compared to the domestic electricity market share is still very low, practitioners completely without questioning the development potential of the market".

elegant 100 CEO Chen Tenghua also said that for the vertical electricity supplier operating well, this winter is a good opportunity, "although financing is not as easy as before, but the marketing and operating cost gradually drop to a reasonable level".

excellent shopping network (micro-blog) on the famous CMO Xu Lei believes that the previous Bi Sheng said business enterprise too impetuous is the truth, but this is only part of the business enterprise because of too much emphasis on marketing, so in the face of hardship will be very anxious, "but when this link after the bubble burst, you will better next year".

Mary billion assistant president Qin Lingjin said, when billions of dollars of capital in business enterprise all the time, we are trying to do the performance, completely rely on advertising to change the flow of capital, so when the follow-up in the case of weak will feel cold, but already Lianhaoneigong business will think this is a good opportunity to seize the market the. Intime network CEO Liao Bin also believes that in such an environment requires the team to build a more perfect, to do fine operation.

Xing Kongyu said the electricity supplier industry will continue to maintain rapid development, but there will be more and more traditional enterprises involved in the electricity supplier. Mary billion online CEO fine Ke Xing also optimistic forecasts, five years after the electricity supplier is expected to occupy nearly half of the retail market share. (end)

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