f the fresh electricity don’t fix these three problems, capricious burn is no good

Why is the "

Dead Sea fresh": the standard; the loss and cost; the above standard and the cold chain of the "last mile", how to use the "fresh" mode to consumers. Three problems can not be resolved, fresh electricity the thing is actually burn also not burn out why.


March 8th, Suning supermarket company announced to enter the fresh market, the sale of proprietary raw products, and named "Su Xiansheng". The day before, BBK chairman Wang Tian announced the end of April officially launched fresh monkey clouds network step by step. In the years before the merger China Tesco and become the largest supermarket chain Huarun 10000 early announced its own fresh electricity plan, set sail in March.

seems like a good discussion, the traditional supermarket chain are together in the spring when enter the fresh electricity supplier, in this is considered to be the most difficult, the last blue ocean electricity supplier in the field of bones when the Jingdong, Tmall as the representative of the platform, SF preferred, the original life, Tootoo, I bought the network, Futian net, orchard, delicious every day 77, Chu Yi era as the representative of the vertical fresh electricity suppliers are already waiting for a long time.

fresh electricity burn war, put a long time will smell problem seems to have not been solved.

pioneer period of success and failure of

at the moment, fresh electricity supplier has been clearly divided into three camps: platform electricity providers, vertical electricity providers and traditional supermarket O2O electricity supplier.

goals are also fully consistent. Fresh electricity supplier is a scale of up to 100 billion yuan, the network retail penetration of less than 1% of virgin land. Looks like a big piece of fat.

is fat, naturally some people under the mouth. According to the general view, China fresh business began in earnest in 2012, although earlier there have been some commercial enterprises to test the waters, but most of them are frustrated. But at the beginning of this year, SF preferred, original life vertical rise of fresh electricity supplier, Tmall, Jingdong has strong cut, Shenyin Wanguo Securities report shows that in 2013 the national fresh electricity supplier transactions amounted to 13 billion yuan, an increase of 221%.

but looks beautiful data does not mean to get a ticket or occupy a place. Some media pointed out: for a wider range of consumer groups, fresh electricity supplier together with the market has fresh electricity supplier business or a ‘0’ experience exists." Analysys commercial solutions vice president Tian Zheng said the law is fresh, the industry overall is still in the initial stage. At the same time, he also gives a more attractive data – fresh market has 2 trillion yuan market potential.

pioneer in the previous case, success and failure of equally compelling.

failure case is realistic. March 2013, Yonghui supermarket’s fresh business website banbiantian on-line operation, it was not to.

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