Suning double play through eleven this is the Chinese version of the western world

this month the hottest drama is HBO new oratorio "western world", the Western Cowboy theme park has attracted many tourists Hao throw the daughter to experience, although we are in real life, it is difficult to achieve the sense of the experience, but the next two to eleven Yue Suning make deep reduction Chinese ancient trade the culture of "allure laughter" through the theme park activities or can give the audience.

double eleven also in the transition, the rationale should be cheap, interactive entertainment consumption

of the major electricity supplier, today’s double eleven has become more and more difficult, consumers of electricity supplier price war already numb, a low price is no longer attractive, from the beginning of last year, eleven double live party seems to be the double eleven standard, Tmall has released this year eleven party plan, Suning as association Ali enterprises build a completely independent party is right on the left hand, a waste of money and energy, Tmall’s dual eleven party will share to Suning, Suning so wise choice of other entertainment marketing and user interaction.

The initial stage is eleven

double 50 percent off promotion way to attract a large number of online shopping consumer groups, but now the discount is not only the core of double eleven is the standard, not preferential concessions, which sell cheaper, consumers will compare, in almost the same price conditions, consumers will choose more popular business or businesses for consumption, the test of the electricity supplier companies and platform sellers impress consumers ability. In addition, the electronic business platform, double eleven big promotion, traffic is always not enough, one of the main ways of TV programs is to get traffic, so last year, Tmall and Jingdong each held a live concert.

want to get attention in the double eleven day, not out of the ordinary place is very difficult to impress consumers, Suning to double this year eleven is designed through the theme of the live interactive activities, invited 111 consecutive red net 3 days around different themes were broadcast, including 6 star, 45 brand Boss invited to play live group members, 15 hours to complete 45 of the total length of uninterrupted broadcast field. Interactive entertainment marketing Suning, did not live by television and form cooperation party choice, but a combination of this year’s broadcast industry boom to establish an emotional connection with the young audience and consumers, so Suning also brought new popularity small meat Yang Yang and popular princess attended the event and said Zhang Tian’ai generation.

the "western world" hot, Suning to build a "smile allure" theme activities through

simple, may think that Suning in Wuxi film base to create a double eleven "smile allure" activity is just a field through the theme of marketing activities, but Suning to prepare the details of this activity very seriously. Smile turned into two online and offline, offline allure laughter contains 111 ancient scenes, 111 kinds of local snacks and 11 kinds of challenges, scattered layout in the "Street Lane alley". Among them, a street for "Qingming River Street", the street reproduction of the ancient commercial form of prosperity, >

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