AP closed on the occasion of Amoy future exploration and forecast

mom in November will be the end of the month to close the API TOP API, I want to master whether novice or in considering the promotion mode of the next step, and my opinion is: the future of Taobao customers, more simple and more refined. And my new site Taobao winter women’s clothing is to follow the two principles. This sentence is mainly on two points, one is simple, two is refined. I do now to Amoy a few months, summed up an increase in the conversion rate of Amoy Heart Sutra: with the least click the user as soon as possible to the taobao.com. This is king.

above is the gist of this post, now separate instructions. The two cannot be separated from the Tao heart.

what is simple?

answer: the page is simple, the structure of the site is simple, as well as the site features simple.

1, the page is simple: the page is simple to put the simplicity of the module. It is best to use the horizontal layout, one by one, clear. Left a piece of the tone can not guarantee the fusion, but let people feel the site was black and blue.

2, the website structure is simple: the site structure is simple to see a place is enough, that is the navigation bar. The branch of the navigation bar can make up your home page or can not constitute a whole content. Or more concise that can express a theme of your web site. Do not go on a navigation bar, the left side of a navigation, what there is, it is chaos, not the whole.


site features simple: some guest station, what are the promotion, plus a post, plus a forum, and finally what added, plus a rebate.

this is not Taobao customers began in Amoy is on track, you want to be easier said than done. Please make a practical simple guest station, rather than professional looking flashy without substance of a pillow with an embroidered case.

what is the refinement of


: a comprehensive category type refinement, refinement, refinement of user groups.

1, comprehensive refinement: This is a refinement of the direction, simply features the taobao.com organize themselves into various clearly module parallel operation, using the concept of flow into First impressions are strongest. This kind of personal feeling is more difficult to refine, easy to make, as the above said there is nothing wrong.


type category refinement: designed to do a kind of commodity, this is also a good. Some guest friends look at women with a high rate of Commission Act, women’s health care push today; tomorrow High Commission, with care. So, where is the light of day. Pick the right category as a user can also seize the future direction.

3, user base refinement: designed to do a crowd. This is also the development potential, but we only have eyes for hot category, thus ignoring the many profit point. I hope you will get out of your own way. The first thing to try is definitely promising. Even if you fail, it will get more than people. < >

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