said Alipay break or follow the footsteps of beautiful happy couple

Baidu dictionary explanation: comparison of flying wing to wing: wing to wing. Flying and flying in pairs. Compare a couple fall in love, together in business. This idiom is used to describe the current state of beauty and can be described as just right.



promoter both happy couple

beautiful and two can be said to be in the same type of website, shopping guide, shopping and women women share for some women solve dress, although problem for women, but the two in the direction of development is different, beautiful and a left a right development. Beautiful said the main plate: shopping, shopping, share the new trend, with the experience; is currently a large female to share shopping guide website. Beautiful and why from the state of development of a right to left a happy couple to


the two sites to fuse happy couple can not be said to be Alipay, Alipay can only be said to push the two sides together to create more better the self business platform. Speaking of two self built electronic business platform, had to be traced back to the middle of last year, Ali, and the Commission said that the beauty of the interface restrictions. This restriction makes two in the warm water to enjoy the fish feel the danger of their own, you must find a way to escape, self built electronic business platform may be the best choice. Look at’s data show the following: in February 2014,’s turnover more than 120 million yuan, gradually close to its early 2012 turnover of 160 million yuan in Taobao, although the results is not significant, but has started to pick up late, now is still unknown, remains to be seen.


limit the Commission interface, making the two live in warm water fish feel the existence of the crisis, can’t just sit and wait for death, we must find a way out, a true portrayal of the self business platform is another way. This has come to an end before the event recently accompanied by beautiful said in a notice on its website to stop using Alipay payment and again surfaced, beautiful and beautiful break Alipay, however said happy couple standing in the beautiful said on this side of the feasibility of bigger, because two simultaneously had been restricted Ali interface website before the contusion can be said to be impossible to guard against it last year self business platform shortly after Alipay stopped working with, this beautiful break Alipay, has no reason not to follow the beautiful pace, and as early as last year, founder June told the electric business professionals Gong Wenxiang said, will be completely "this" with Taobao, the Alipay said the beautiful break is perhaps a thousand years difficult A good chance.

said Alipay will break the beautiful turn to WeChat

now on business platform, a platform which no payment interface, Alipay and to stop cooperation, has turned to WeChat to pay. Ali has been opposed to the Jingdong is now also with the Tencent shares WeChat has paid this payment interface, >

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