Rural electricity providers how to play Kaoshanchishan, burn, logistics

drove the car to the countryside with the screen shelf exhibition business form, after which the user can get the goods, orders immediately, is one of the earlier performance of the electricity supplier to the countryside, but it is not that the rural electricity supplier.

electricity supplier whitewashing the countryside, called into the countryside, in addition to a rural into electricity supplier.



we simply divided into "rural electricity supplier business platform in the countryside" and "countryside into business platform" two kinds of modes, the former is one of the new user field means every platform expansion, the latter is dependent on rural agricultural business model to the country, such as selling peaches sell Apple sold loquat, for example to youth in Taobao sell clothing, then drive the whole town economy business venture……


model is the electricity supplier to the countryside, Kaoshanchishan:

just graduated that, in order to meet before graduation is a graduate of partners of the hard sell, buy a box of loquat, SF express, sent home a courier, daddy ride back, because it was sent from Wuxi to Xuzhou, the next day, what are the good taste of packaging.

now, the use of their own orchards in Taobao, circle of friends and other places to do online shopping electricity supplier model has been a lot of successful cases. As for those who took the boxes home business clothes, shoes and bags of milk powder business in Taobao, mostly because of the village, the village has a huge supply of goods (a plant of a company).

is said that in some cases of successful rural electricity supplier, but also led the online travel business. The future, this piece of natural Feng Shui in cooperation with the electricity supplier will be more and more.

is being swallowed the rural electricity supplier trend is: Jingdong to absorb agricultural electricity supplier

electricity supplier whitewashing the countryside movement, leaving the first half was told us rash and too much in haste, a trend for major business platform bigwigs are crazy into the village.

these days, Jingdong and agricultural mall business platform to achieve cooperation, access to commercial, flagship store, consumers can purchase a variety of domestic and foreign agricultural products, it is said that the promotion of rural Jingdong provide users who hands help to buy products and services.

business platform to go to the countryside, the primary problem to face is the "user group network lag, frankly, we do not how to use a computer, a computer has been common in the village, but mostly just to steal food, before today’s network drama.

fortunately, the proportion of people who will use the computer becomes more. But the Jingdong is good, Taobao worth mentioning, these business platform bigwigs wants one lay in rural electricity providers all over the world, in fact there is a good way to burn.

countryside is a place where you can’t move your legs, but the premise is that you have to let him know that online shopping is safe, and it’s best to teach them how to shop online. Such a calculation, the problem.

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