The electricity supplier will face four mountain villages Taobao Jingdong staking

seems to have electricity supplier countryside Shirupozhu, Jingdong and Taobao have to actively promote the rural electricity supplier, or set up their own line in the county area store experience, or desperately whitewashing advertising. These two major electricity supplier in the rural market set off a whirlwind electricity supplier, electricity providers in recent years has become saturated in major cities. The number of newly registered users of Taobao, Jingdong is also reduced, even in the three tier cities electricity supplier has become popular. The urban and rural areas wider or of undeveloped land, so Jingdong, Taobao, Suning electronic business platform will not give up this big cake. Now enter the rural electricity supplier will meet the four mountains.


first: logistics costs

electricity supplier to the countryside is the first to meet the logistics problem, although the logistics facilities in major cities have been relatively perfect, but in the vast rural areas, towns and villages have no logistics facilities. More important is the distance between the rural areas of the village is often very large, covering a wide area. This will lead to high cost of logistics, logistics costs and the city may not be a grade. Of course, now Jingdong, Taobao just in the distance from the city closer to the rural area to build the line experience store. More remote areas can not be covered, it will be a lot of money.

second: purchasing power

even if the electricity supplier giant can successfully enter the rural market, then it will face an imminent problem. This is the reality of the rural population purchasing power and consumption habits, and now the majority of rural areas are mainly in the elderly, as well as some students go to school. This part of the crowd did not online shopping habits, and even electricity providers are ignorant, but also do not use computer shopping. In the rural areas or the continuation of a fair way of shopping, in fact the rural people have plenty of time to go shopping.

third: payment means

means of payment in rural areas is still relatively traditional, many rural banks have not yet four, but the traditional rural credit cooperatives. Middle aged and old people are still used to take money, and the use of cash transactions, many elderly people do not have a bank card. Not to mention what WeChat payment, Alipay paid, no bank card could not promote mobile payment mode. So the means of payment is also a major obstacle to rural electricity providers, Jingdong, Taobao and other electricity supplier giants can solve this problem?.

fourth: traditional retail industry

in rural areas have a large number of physical stores or small supermarkets, and has formed a sound sales channels. Once the business success into the rural market, it will bring great impact on the rural areas of the retail industry. Of course, it will be a unified boycott of the retail industry, after all, moved his cheese, in fact, not only for the retail industry, but also involves a wide range of interests behind. Electricity supplier to the countryside must resist the traditional retail industry, and be able to give consumers more preferential subsidies.


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