Micro business department of the electricity supplier and selling hot regular mask grassroots who is

recently, the Alibaba launched a strategic tool "in the wireless terminal shop sellers". The seller through mobile phone Taobao landing can easily achieve the goods, delivery and store management functions; at the same time, each store can be generated for the first time the 6 digit number and store store direct two-dimensional code name card, and by micro-blog, WeChat and other social networking platform promotion.

although the conference scale is not large, but the shop behind the line is a major change in the Taobao mobile terminal strategy and logic, namely Taobao this "center" pattern based business platform in the mobile terminal began to try "to the center".

in the field of electricity providers, the most concentrated embodiment of the concept of the center to go beyond the micro business. Previously, pat Network, shop No. 1, pocket pass, pocket shopping, micro, quantity have on-line micro shop or V shop, trying to create a micro business ecosystem. The electricity supplier giant Alibaba issued a "shop", also officially reached the derivative market.

but Shenzhen green new media CEO, micro business veteran mulberry Xixi to accept the twenty-first Century economic report reporter declared that "these are pseudo derivative, the derivative is not so real."

sang Xi said the "derivative" refers to the rise in 2013 more grassroots micro business, based on the social networking platform, product marketing and sales to the most primitive geometric communication between people, the best known form is the "circle of friends selling mask".

if the tool and platform to promote the development of micro power supplier system business is based on the regular army (hereinafter referred to as the "regular army"), then "micro business circle of friends selling mask" represents the grassroots forces (hereinafter referred to as the "grassroots micro business"), although this force is reported in the media, and even has been much criticized, but can not be ignored is that grassroots micro providers already formed the scale.

two play

sang Xi said that the logic is based on grassroots micro business center to". At this point, no matter whether it is a regular army or grassroots forces, there is no objection.

in the era of Taobao PC, traffic distribution by the platform, the members were intercepted platform, this model is regarded as the center". With the development of mobile Internet, traffic fragmentation, the rise of the fans economy, to become the center of the trend. Based on the strong social businesses began to close tethering, seek the scattered traffic in the mobile internet.

regular army and grassroots micro providers with the help of mobile Internet, the same fragmentation of traffic. The biggest difference between the two is play.

sang Xi told reporters that the roots of micro business and the traditional business of multi-level agents similar to the use of the general agent – a proxy – two agents – three agents – the level of the agent of the five agent model. While a few regular military micro business platform to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed said that in terms of distribution, only one agent, and strictly control the multi-level agency structure.

Xi Xi pointed out that the five level of micro agents and the traditional agent is different from the traditional model is B2>

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