Electricity supplier to the sea to 217 countries and regions to join Tmall double 11 lively

cross-border electricity supplier looks very beautiful, but it is not easy to go out.

yesterday, Tmall officially released the data, it has traded a total of 217 countries and regions worldwide, imported goods in the bonded warehouse are all sold out.


repeated questioning by reporters, Tmall official also did not disclose the specific amount of overseas transactions. This year is the first year of internationalization, but also the first attempt to achieve our goals in general."

on the other hand, Amazon also launched in October 29th six overseas direct mail service Chinese site. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, in Tmall "double eleven" on the same day, Amazon Chinese website is the beginning of Amazon’s overseas purchase shop test run, on-line at the same time also includes nearly 8000 pieces of goods overseas.

Chinese Amazon CEO Ge Daoyuan said, "we hope to be able to service the domestic consumer use of global sourcing and Amazon mature and powerful multinational logistics system, to meet the consumer demand for high-quality China international selection, let Amazon become the preferred platform for everyone to buy China high-quality international product selection."

electric business insiders believe that by Tmall and Amazon two platforms stir scouring the sea tide will have a profound impact on Chinese electricity market is expected this year, domestic sea Amoy scale from last year’s 80 billion yuan rose to 120 billion yuan.

Ali 4 years to prepare for international

Tmall international, Taobao, as well as overseas fast selling is the first time to participate in this year’s double eleven". Behind this decision, the Alibaba to electronic business platform, rookie logistics platform, cloud computing and big data capabilities as the core of the global ecosystem has been initially established.

According to Alibaba

COO Zhang Yong introduced, through innovative "bonded mode", the goods can be shipped to overseas merchants domestic bonded warehouse in advance, online sales after the completion of rapid clearance by rookie logistics coordination and domestic distribution.

according to official statistics, as of November 11th 24, Tmall’s turnover of $57 billion 112 million, about $9 billion 339 million. A total of 217 countries and regions to participate in the activities.

at the same time, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Germany to become the most loved by Chinese buyers of the product exporting countries.

The general manager of Alibaba

B2C international division Wu Qian told the "daily economic news" reporter revealed that in the export business, Ali has opened the country station in Russia, Brazil, Spain, Indonesia and other countries, to rely on the China station to local consumers to provide localized shopping experience.

at the same time, Alibaba overseas platform from the home page to the search to the inside pages, the entire shopping chain have been re build, >

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