Buy life and death battle on the site navigation station life and death battle on it

is the last group purchase group purchase originator Groupon immediately rash and too much in haste, have teamed up to China Tencent to enter the market, the Internet tycoons have said that this year in the group purchase will have a brutal battle, the final winner will see us?.

last week saw a report: "cover scale three years or up to 246%" release site navigation industry research report, at that time I thought about static site navigation industry, Baidu, Google, Taobao, Tencent, and 360 giant and so many large Internet Co in the site navigation industry, there is a piece of meat on their own, but in recent years, the site navigation station is the competition into the white hot stage, they usually do not feel very simple, but by all the Internet gangster attention, some big companies in 2011 has begun to focus on training site navigation station, such as Taobao.

foreign Internet environment is not the same as China, the site navigation station is only a network of products with Chinese characteristics. In foreign countries, users need more is the user experience, rather than simply provide site navigation services, such as foreign Symbaloo is this type.

site navigation Chinese has 11 years of history, in the end he will continue to go uphill or downhill from far away? I think the site navigation station himself is the most clear, we can see from these years they change, they are trying to make themselves become more competitive:

1, increase personalization: the user set their own background and color style, etc.;

2, from time to time to engage in some interaction with the user’s activities: not as good as the skin collection contest, sweepstakes, etc.;

, 3 registered member services: registered users can enjoy Notepad, favorites and mail list and so on;

from the above 3 points is not difficult to see, they improved all around the user, but also means that the development of Web site navigation is affected by the user, the user needs is what, they can only follow the user needs to improve. We look at the change from 1999 to 2011, 1999, Chinese Internet has just started, we are not familiar with the network, need one thing to guide, then there is a site navigation station, until now, some netizens have no need in the site navigation station, you may want to site navigation station is not will be eliminated? I think not, because in China, Internet users on the network’s familiarity with the difference is too large, different people have different needs, can only say that there is a demand for traditional web site navigation in the crowd gradually reduced.


site navigation station have increased the cost of promotion, promotion also emerge in an endless stream but the site navigation station, are not easily trigger war industry, prefer the calm situation, but the reality is cruel, although no group purchase competition in the industry, but also is the site navigation sooner or later there will be a rush. Some of the most famous site navigation stations have begun

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