Tmall international push the world to build the world’s supermarket called flash purchase

Tmall International announced that it will launch the global flash purchase – the flash purchase and sea Amoy two rising momentum of the most powerful electricity supplier shopping model combined to create the world’s supermarket. Tmall international has been six and a pilot cross-border electricity supplier cooperation, businesses pay less than ten yuan per service fee, will be able to join the global flash sales platform.

Alibaba prospectus shows that just established less than a year of Tmall Global (Tmall) and Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other hundreds of billions of platform level parallel. General manager of international business B2C Ali Yi Fang this positioning: "Tmall international from thousands of sea Amoy purchasing demand grew up, the goal is to build the shortest path which connect the origin, brands and consumers. Expansion category, so that geography, the country will no longer be a shopping block. Once upon a time, the sea was a thing that people could not buy. Now Tmall international to rely on a wealth of goods, a comprehensive upgrade of the Chinese way of life."

supports Tmall international clout, is Chinese cross-border electricity dividend policy quietly germination. Since last year, Ningbo, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou 6 pilot cross-border electricity supplier trade. Tmall international and the six major pilot cooperation. In the cross-border electricity supplier pilot areas, Tmall international cooperation with the free trade zone shipments – goods from overseas to enter, store bonded warehouse, merchants sell products, the product out of the warehouse, just pay a low post tax.

is currently Tmall international businesses to participate in the flash options given preferential terms for each order in the bonded area logistics operation fee of 8 yuan package, including the sorting of goods in the bonded area, distribution, immigration and customs clearance, the work is handed over to the rookie logistics to be responsible.

international direct mail into bonded warehouse delivery, postage cheaper than 80%, eliminating the middle channel, realize the direct origin also effectively reduce costs.

Yi Fang said, compared with the piecemeal purchasing guerrillas, Tmall International’s regular army has a great advantage in the 100% authentic, standardization, low price category: "sea Amoy is generally 20 days later, Tmall can do 7 days of arrival. Kao diapers this benchmark commodity, can be cheaper than the average Taobao 25%."

said Tmall, WAL-MART founder Sam · Walton had a "Dream World supermarket": the ability to use a standardized way of consumers, no boundaries of fun shopping area. The Alibaba as the representative of the Chinese Internet companies in an effort to prove that the electronic commerce is clearly the quickest way to achieve this dream, also let the increasingly affluent consumers Chinese, no country will be able to enjoy the world’s top consumer goods supply.

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