Nelson Chinese nternet users are the most active online shoppers in the Asia Pacific Region

August 9th news, Nelson today released a report that China’s Internet users are the most active online shoppers in the Asia Pacific region, 95% Internet users plan to purchase online in the next six months. The following is the full text of the report:

According to

Nelson global online consumer survey, China Asia Pacific region is the most enthusiastic users of online shopping consumers, 95% of respondents said Internet users in the next six months, are willing to carry out online shopping, 94% claimed to have through the Internet shopping.

Nielsen Co, the world’s 55 market survey of 27000 Internet users, consumers on how to conduct online shopping and its decision to study consumer behavior factors.

in the Asia Pacific region, South Korean consumers also showed a strong willingness to online shopping, 95% of respondents plan to purchase online in the next six months, the proportion of the number of people in china. On the contrary, more than 1/4 of Hongkong (27%) and Thailand (26%) respondents, the New Zealand, Indonesia and Australia in recent 20% respondents did not online shopping program.


According to the Nelson

online shopping report, online shopping accounted for the proportion of consumers monthly total expenditures in each market, this is not the only one. In the Asia Pacific region, China and South Korea’s largest monthly consumer spending on online shopping. New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Hongkong, the proportion of consumer online shopping is relatively small.

Nelson survey pointed out that the majority of Chinese online shoppers spending on online shopping per month accounts for about 6% to $25% this month. Among them, 34% of respondents in the proportion of consumer spending online shopping in the to 10%, accounting for 26% of the proportion of consumers online shopping spending in the range of 11% to 25%. 12% Chinese online consumer claims for a monthly Internet consumption expenditure accounted for 25% of the total expenditure to 50%. Similarly, another 1/4 of consumers said that online shopping spending and its monthly expenditure of not more than 5%, the data show that e-commerce in China still has a lot of room for development.

is only limited to the retailer’s most attractive network operators


in Chinese, 1/3 online consumers said the main visit only sales network of retailers, about 1/4 of consumers said the main and patronize the shop and the store retailer website, the number and the proportion of the number of consumers favor retail network proportion.

from the global point of view, consumers for online shopping site preferences vary. Half of North American consumers most often patronize only online sales of stores, while 1/3 of Latin American consumers prefer both shop and physical stores in the form of.

China is active in the field of digital media in the world, e-commerce is growing rapidly in china. But at present, in the United States and other developed markets in the world, in China through the Internet channel sales of goods accounted for the total retail

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