The United States Jingdong to sell breakfast supper takeaway O2O difference play out

in the "hunger breeds discontentment" China market on catering business projects are always in the front of the industry, and now even beauty electricity providers also laicourenao. Yesterday, officially launched the O2O project "beauty day breakfast", test the water for a week of breakfast delivery service units. The same "time out" into the market before the Jingdong and the Jingdong at home, home access to fight bean supper, the main dining at night. A full coverage of the time, through the difference to attract users to take off O2O war is about to start.

United States cross-border breakfast distribution

in the Jingdong, the U.S. group, public comment, beauty category also boarded the O2O vertical electric outlet. As takeaway O2O business, beautiful day breakfast by micro business platform to test the water users by focusing on the WeChat public beauty day breakfast into the micro shop, you can book a week of breakfast in the working days.

Beijing Daily reporters on the micro shop, the beautiful day breakfast is in the beginning of the line, one week breakfast enjoy half price concessions, customer price at around 20 yuan per week, dishes from Qingfeng Bao zipu, Yonghe King, McDonald’s restaurant chain brand of collocation by the United States day breakfast, the daily distribution of different commodities. From the location of the customer base, the day breakfast covering Sanlitun, China World Trade Center anzhen bridge, and the more than 20 white-collar intensive district and office buildings, and for the United States, Tencent, Iqiyi and other employees of the Internet Co opened a special company".

to business analysis that the "time out" market prospects, breakfast business or will become cut entrance door service chain, but the purchasing business model mainly do not see much imagination. " is some white-collar users, if the future can do" central kitchen + self distribution "model, and for both beauty, slimming and other health target users to launch more targeted packages, location may be more suitable for"

frequency difference play

users to "strong demand to eat", so many electricity supplier companies are trying to encroach on food distribution market. In addition to, Jingdong, former United home hungry, offer takeout distribution, and in the last week of access to fight bean supper, the main 23 -5 night market food distribution. Community O2O platform downstairs 100 is to join the French Beller group’s cheese Brand cheese cheese to promote the distribution of cheese. One car with hemp library crayfish and spicy temptation cooperation "a lobster" car room service. In addition, there are even love coffee, fresh bee platforms such as coffee, tea and other vertical category distribution services to users.

in the home will be hungry, delicacy, U.S. and other platforms have already occupied the mainstream takeaway market, the industry believes that adopting differentiation play for new companies entering the market can be regarded as a way out of the business strategy. Food and beverage distribution is a high-frequency business, the user’s migration costs are very low, the new people want to share a cup of soup can take two strategies, one is to pay a high price to fight the price

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