How to make money on an old topic

I believe most of the webmaster do stand are for money, including me, then we can think of a station is the most important data, if the data is his own doing, it would be more trouble, it is good that the Road Station Road, do more new station data and maintenance is very important, if you are a powerful data update that would be wasting your fortunes, now it can be used in this collection, I agree with you to do well, but must be in the form of HTML to the people, I also love the direct data, increase the database, rent a server yourself, or a few more virtual space what, how to get data, these are not problems of maize.

              to give you a reference to, then each station to get the 4G data, the data here can go to the acquisition, can buy their own version of the HTML data is the most novel, then do not add data, because Baidu is he to IP on the swing! If you reach 30 thousand, you have been sealed, not because your station is illegal, but Baidu also want to cause money! Do not say, the earth people know! And then the 4G station is done, the 4G station to your own analysis 5 corn up, if more money can parse some corn, the more of their more favorable, but also to estimate the control, do not make the IP to more than 30 thousand


a good stand alone so that the data is my best way to buy or buy their own. As long as the time in 2, can all fix for 4 weeks, then what all don’t do, to see themselves as "others" for work (actually oneself), continue to plan the next site! Do you want to know a person can develop, then why can’t you do a station, the as several webmaster


method is very simple and I will not say, just one more data – "a station -" continue to get the data – "multiple stations! So your income doubled up, the snowball getting bigger. If is so roll up. He just roll with the domain name.

well, I will not say, this method can be the best way in the world, do a good job, 1000 yuan a day, very normal!

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