From the user experience to enhance the sales of electronic mall

user experience is all the webmaster, including Baidu, Sina, YAHOO such a large portal value; QQ as an instant messaging tool, why do so many successful, largely due to its user experience: simple and practical, easy to operate; conform to Chinese habits; especially the file transfer function, in the field of IM is a must, although this feature in the Internet so developed now, but the QQ transfer It is quite common for, simple, easy to let the user very interested; this is the importance of user experience of


my site: (I love bags); this is a LV package and other well-known brand bags and other peripheral products online shopping mall! In the mall at the beginning, when the site analysis of user needs, I put the user experience is placed in a very important position so as to sales! The site helps


I deal with the combination of web design and user experience:

first, LV we all know, is a luxury brand, fashion, high-end! So like it, in the search engine to find it frequently, mostly female friends. So in the website style, search commodity, commodity picture display box, including banner image ads, I chose the girls love pink! This is allowing users to experience a Guests feel at home., close, comfortable feeling. Increase the objectivity of the site.

second, my initial understanding to different customers, have their own favorite brands, such as A LV B customers customers love, love Chanel; so in the classification of goods, I put the brand as a classification, the style as two grade classification; and we may feel normal, careful friends do not know do not pay attention to, a lot of clothing package with the website of the love style, style to do a classification, the brand is the two level ownership; in fact, how can classification. The key is to understand how your direct customer is shopping mentality!

finally, as a love of fashion customers, the pursuit of love are generally the most popular style; according to this situation, I have several styles of goods LV, the most popular GUCCI priority display, home call display, so that customers can open the web page at a glance to see their favorite for a long time. This reduces the user styles; find the goods time, high efficiency and increase the volume of goods


some of the above is my personal opinion, perhaps many of my friends know more than me. But here, I want to tell those who want to do online shopping or just ahead of the field of electronic commerce new friends, when you go to the mall to design their own, much experience as an ordinary consumer, look at other large, better shopping mall; it will bring you more the effect of

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